EKATĀ: Unity in Diversity

In the Bhagavad Gita (6.29, 31–32) Krishna says that “The one whose self is unified by yoga sees the Self in all beings and all beings in the Self, seeing all with an equal vision… One who has taken a stand on ekatvam [oneness] and loves Me who is present in all beings, in all ways and acting in whatever manner dwells in Me whether in pain or in happiness, is held to be the supreme yogi.”
For all of us beginners or accomplished Yoga practitioners, there is a call to see the Divine in all beings, even in those who think and act differently from ourselves. Great traditions are different fingers pointing to the sublime Truth.  If we get stridently attached to one finger, however grand, we cannot find the Truth.
The 45th  International Yoga Congress in Zinal invites us to the prāṅa-filled Val d’Anniviers, crowned by five of the highest and mightiest mountains of Europe – quite different from each other, but all embraced by the Mother Earth – to reflect on and to celebrate the underlying divine unity in the manifested diversity.