Ivo & Pavel Sedlacek

Ivo Sedlacek is a renowned musician, whose music has brought peace, inspiration and inner harmony to countless listeners around the globe. Expert in mantras and nada yoga, author of many albums with uplifting and harmonising music.

Pavel Sedlacek is very talented and promising musician. He has been studying classical guitar since the age of seven and within few years has won the national classical guitar competition. He plays many musical instruments and recently started accompanying his father at his concerts.

Concert                             Mystic Violin

Time & Date:                  Thursday|  20.30 – 22.00

Location:                          Church – Église de Zinal            

Musicians:                       Ivo & Pavel Sedlacek

Description:                   You can immerse in the streams of soothing and uplifting tones of Ivo Sedlacek‘s inimitable music. During the concert he will be accompanied by his son Pavel.

Event                                  Mantras, Meditation & Healing Music

Day & Time:                    Monday|  21.00 – 22.00

Wednesday |  21.00 – 22.00

Location:                          Lotus

Musicians:                       Geza Timcak, Ivo Sedlacek, Pavel Sedlacek

Description:                   Powerful vedic and yogic mantras connected with touches of live harmonising music.