Pepe & Larissa

Pepe Danza & Larissa Israel

Pepe Danza is an Uruguayan born musician presently residing in Israel. After years of wandering the planet, studying, performing and practicing different traditional music and instruments (Sitar and Bansuri in India, Brazilian Percussion, African Djembe, Guitar in South America and Spain, Shakuhatchi flute with Master teachers in Japan or Gamelan in Bali…), I deepened my spiritual practice through teachings of Buddhism and Yoga. After spending 25 year in Canada, were I had the honor of being nominated for countless awards, I am presently teaching Yoga, Meditation, Percussion and Shakuhachi privately and at Prana Yoga College in Tel Aviv. I live from the deep conviction and experience of the fact that Music is a powerful transformative force, and that Humanity and our dear Planet Earth are ready for a shift to a higher frequency. I believe Music plays a major role in that shift, and I am here to serve that Work, in whatever way, whichever place I am called.

Workshop                     Ocean of Sound with Pepe Danza & Larissa Israel

Time & Day:                    Monday |  20.30 – 22.00

Location:                          Forum

Description:                   A feast for all senses. Discover the magic of healing sounds and interactive voice to deeply re-connect with the heart, to inspire and transform. Imagine yourself lying in Shavasana on your mats and blankets, relaxing and absorbing transformative frequencies to awaken healing energies within the body. This special type of Sound Healing Meditation combines sacred sounds from a wide range of natural acoustic instruments – tibetan bowls, shamanic drums, Japanese flutes, string instruments etc, incorporating ancient mantras, Shamanic and scientific principles. This experience blends sound vibration and color frequencies, perfectly stimulating the energies, creating a strong alignment and purification. The gentle but deeply resonating sounds may absorb your whole being into a relaxed, meditative or deep sleep state; they may take you on a multi-dimensional journey or access altered states of consciousness. These soundscapes are tailored to accommodate the collective frequency and needs of the group. All are welcome. Please bring a mat, cushion and maybe a blanket to the Workshop.

Private Treatments with Larissa Israel

Please make your appointment at the Congress Office

During the Congress you have the opportunity to receive a private treatment with Larissa, offering you a unique way to enhance the balance, harmony and health within your entire being. This holistic healing method is grounded in multiple forms of vibrations of sound, color, energy and consciousness. You will experience the combined use of a coordinated set of singing bowls, precisely calibrated tuning forks, colored silks, color light and natural essential oils. Furthermore, a healing touch technique and pure energy coming from my hands are used to make this a very effective and enjoyable session to receive.