Susanne Bohrmann-Fortuzzi

Susanne Bohrmann-Fortuzzi was born in West-Berlin/Germany. She studied classical opera singing at the International Conservatory: „Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler“ in Berlin with the opera singer Prof. Norma Sharp and the well known pedagogue Nena Brzakovic. At this time, she also won the Hanns Eisler Award of Modern Music (1995). Since 1988 she is practicing Yoga and became a recognized teacher of the German Yoga Federation (BDY) in 2002. Susanne was trained by Jutta Bachmeier-Mönnig and Bernd Bachmeier, who are in the direct tradition of  A.G. Mohan, one of the personal disciples of Krishnamacharya. She completed her formation following the teachings of Sri Ram and Gerda Behrend, who deepened her knowledge of asana, pranayama and meditation.  In order to combine the two passions of her life, she started to study Holistic Voice Therapy with Carien Wijnen and now she mainly practices as therapist of Holistic Voice Therapy in her own Studio „Yoga & Voice“ in Berlin. Because she is convinced that the essence Yoga must be provided and protected all over the world, she became member of the Board of the European Union of Yoga, EUY.

Chanting:                        Feel your voice, be your voice!

Day & Time                     Wednesday |  20.30 – 22.00  
Location                            Forum

Description:                   After a long day full of different experiences of Yoga, I like to invite you to settle down together feeling and sounding our own voices. We start with a warm up of our voices, followed by sound experiences and then we sing and dance together. A meditation will end this individual concert of ourselves. Open to everybody, people who love to sing or people who think, they cannot sing.

Let‘s sound together!                                              
Let‘s sing together!                                                   
Let‘s laugh together!                                                
Let‘s dance together!                                               
Let‘s be together!