Alberto Paganini

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Yoga Federatie van de Nederlandstaligen in België

Alberto Paganini, (born 1957), philosopher and yoga teacher with 41 years of experience in teaching and learning yoga in Belgium and abroad. Founder of the Soma Yoga school for teachers, Prana Yoga Flow and Heart Yoga. Author of the book ‘Prana Yoga Flow’, works on Heart Yoga projects.


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Flowing InwardsTBALanguage:Dutch

Joyful warming up, creative yoga flow with sun salutations and asanas, slowing to deep inner stillness, quiet postures, pulsations, pranayama, meditation and a complete relaxation.

Heart YogaTBALanguage:Dutch

An inner journey to dis-cover the power and the softness of the Heart as source of love and energy, seat of the Self. Heart opening, dynamic and joyful practices, amazing test, meditation.

Yoga with the elements of natureTBALanguage:Dutch

Go inside outside. Movements, exercises and meditations to become still and feel the essential qualities of the elements within and out: earth, water, fire, air, ether

Inner Journey with Tibetan Bowls and gongsEvening PerformanceLanguage:

We warm up, then stay in quiet asanas, meditate and experience inward relaxation while emerging in the restorative live sounds of 20 bowls and 2 big gongs