Dmytro Danylov

Languages of the courses / workshops

  • English

In-Service Training:
1 = Yes

Ukranian Yoga Federation

Senior yoga teacher of UFY. Head of “Nataraja” yoga-studios. Initiator of projects: “YogaTravel”, “Yogis without Borders”. Author of the book and app on “Yoga-paṭṭa: ropes and wall”. PhD-graduate – thesis on “Transformation of the concept of dhyāna”. Coordinator of UFY`s foreign affairs.


Workshop TitleWorkshop TimeWorkshop languageWorkshop Description ENWorkshop Description FRWorkshop Description IT
Tradition of Dhirendra Brahmachari TBALanguage:English

Tradition of Dhirendra Brahmachari under supervision of Andrey Safronov.

Dhyāna: yogic meditation in transformationTBALanguage:English

Short lecture – “Dhyāna: yogic meditation in transformation”, followed by practice of dhyāna in the sense of continuous cognition of inner state: desires vs. demands.