Riccardo Ruggeri

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Federación Nacional de Yoga Sadhana

After 10 years working for Fiat Group Automobiles all around Europe, Riccardo came back to Italy, to focus on his own practice. He graduated in Aerospace Engineering in Stockholm, Sweden with a Master thesis on fluid dynamics.

He practices Yoga since 1989 following several teachers, in particular Carlos Fiel and VimalaThakar, he trained with her until her death, taking part in many retreats in Mount Abu. He also learned Kalarypayattu, and practices Tai Ki Kung and On Zon Su.

Riccardo is interested in and practices dance improvisation in its many different forms and expressions. In this sense, he met and trained with Simone Forti and Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson and Nancy Stark Smith.


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Developing conscious awarenessTBALanguage:Spanish, English, Italian

Our objective is human development and evolution of values such as awareness, the art of living, solidarity in life and the harmony between body, mind and spirit. The guiding principles of our practice are: developing conscious awareness, evolving in our hearts and learning from reality by developing our ability to be present, still, listen and focus.

The aim of this work is to ask ourselves the fundamental and not at all an easy question of how we live. Be aware that we are the most important thing in our lives, the centre of reflection and attention. The dignity of our practice or meditation is quantified neither by its length, nor by the “watts” of power, but by focusing our body, breath, and mind.

This gives us the measure of our inner strength, which is nothing more than our ability to be open all the time, to live by creating calmness and serenity.

Breathe more deeply and freelyTBALanguage:Spanish, English, Italian

Yoga practice allows us to relax and release tension in the superficial tissue and increase our respiratory volume which creates increased space, flexibility, elasticity and movement in the rib rage. This in turn results in increased respiratory capacity which provides better alignment of our body and spine.

Our body is an integrated system and therefore when we change and improve something as important as breathing, our body readjusts itself. Our muscles slowly readjust and consequently the bones surrounded by these muscles readjust as well. The person then achieves a connection with feelings they were not aware of before and feels how their body breathes more deeply and freely.