Waltraud Führes

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Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland

Waltraud Führes

• Teacher for Biology und Chemistry and Advisor for Biology concerning the German School System, now retired
• Since 2004 leader of the working group “Neurobiology and Learning”
• Since 1997 Yoga Tutor in BDY/EYU
• Since 1996 student of Dr. Shrikrishna
• Since 2000 lecturer in the training of Yoga teachers on the subject of “The Didactics and Methodology of Yoga teaching” in various BDY Schools
• Author of the booklet “Unterrichtsgestaltung” (Teaching Framework) of the BDY


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Neurobiology and YogaTBALanguage:German

My Asana-Practice follows the Krishnamacharya tradition, my Pranayama and Meditation practices are based on the teachings of Dr. Shrikrishna.

My contribution will be a combination of theory and practice, partly with workshop character. The theory will deal with aspects of neurobiology, as far as they are related to the subject “Yoga an inner journey”.

Experiencing Yoga practice as an “inner journey” is one possible realistic, but very rewarding training objective. It is not an easy road to follow as it requires changes in both our behavioural and thought patterns. New programs must be installed, old ones rewritten.

Brain physiological knowledge about learning processes can be very helpful on this road. That applies not only to the Yoga path but to any aim in life.

A PowerPoint presentation will support the theoretical part.