Dan Sion

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Dan Sion is teaching Yoga in the framework of G.N.S.P.Y./Romania since 1991. He considers himself an eternal student at The School of Life.

Besides Yoga he focuses deeply on Chinese Medicine and Eastern Bodywork Therapy. This helped him to better understand both systems without mixing them.

He is now teaching Yoga at his studio in Los Angeles and Holistic Massage Therapy at Los Angeles Vocational Institute.

He is a member of the Pedagogical Commission of GNSPY and trainer for the National School of Yoga Instructors from Gnspy–Romania


Practice: Morning Yoga practice 7.00 – 8.30

Location:                          Forum

Language:                         English

Workshop:                    Afternoon Workshop 14.30 – 16.30 (daily except wednesday)

Location:                          Dome Tent

Language: English

Description:                   Yoga in the Past. Yoga in the Future. Yoga Now! Permanent Structures in Yoga. Even through an illusion Time passes, and with it changes are brought. Nowadays, more than ever, changes are rapidly happening and apparently adaptability is a key of survival. In our running quest for finding ourselves we manage to get more confused. Few things remain unchangeable. Yoga is one of them!

What are the Attitude and the concepts that make Yoga permanent and eternal regardless of the apparent forms or names we choose to approach it?With Vak Yoga/ Yoga of Logos, Yoga is always in the Here and Now.You can only begin your practice of yoga at the point where you are right Now. If your mind is uneasy and you feel out of balance, if you’re feeling weak or strong, then that’s where your yoga begins. Yoga is always ready when you are.

Federation:                     GNSPY –  Groupe National d’Etude et de Pratique du Yoga – Romania / www.gnspy.org