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Francois Lorin


François Lorin was born on the 10th of September in 1941. His first stay in Madras with TKV Desikachar took place in autumn 1966. He studied yoga philosophy and techniques with him from year 1966 until 1988. With him, he developed further postural and respiratory techniques as well as  Patanjali’s Yoga Sûtra.

François Lorin graduated in Grimentz with Viniyoga international association, and he takes an active part in  the life of the  french Institute of yoga and within the organizations which came before it (FFYV-VIA.)

The teachings important in his life are those received from : J.Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Stephen Jourdain, Richard Moss, Tony Parsons, Douglas Harding, Rupert Spira and Sadhguru.

 Workshop:                    Afternoon Workshop/Atelier de l’après-midi 14.30-16.30 (daily)

In-Service Training/Formation continue

Location:                          Forum

Language: Français le Lundi, Mardi et Vendredi

English on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


Description :                  Traditional āsana and prānāyāma techniques according to TKV Desikachar’s teachings : workshops and meditations according to Richard Moss’ teachings.

Pointing the need for a free open awareness to the whole of life, surroundings, thoughts, etc. and be aware of the fictionous nature of the so-called ego. (Teachings and practices interwoven.)  Techniques traditionnelles d’āsana et de prānāyāma en accord avec les enseignements de TKV Desikachar. Ateliers et méditations en lien avec les enseignements de Richard Moss.

Wednesday:                « tatra sthitau yatnah abhyāsaḥ » – yoga sūtra –  chapter I, 11.

To help  oneself be free from ignorance, yoga is pragmatic, empirical and realistic !


Thursday:                      « dṛṣta anuśravika viṣaya vitṛṣṇasya vaśīkāra samjñā vairāgyam »  Y.S I, 15.

To be free from the past.

And « vṛtti sārūpyam itaratra » Y.S. I, 4.

Identification is THE problem.


Friday/Vendredi:   “brahmacarya pratiṣṭhāyām vīrya lābhaḥ”

Everything is about balance !

Tout est une question d’équilibre !