EUY Online Congress 2020 Teachers

Please be aware the program is subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.


Our Guests of Honour


Sraddhalu Ranade

Dr. Ravi Ravindra

Sraddhalu Ranade is a scientist, educator and scholar based at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, in Pondicherry, India, where he grew up in care of late Sri M P Pandit from whom he received his training in the theory and practice of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. He has been deeply involved in educational research and teacher-training programs for over 20 years, and has conducted intensive teacher-training workshops in Integral Education and value-based education all over India and abroad… His book titled Introduction to Integral Education has been widely acclaimed and is considered compulsory reading in many schools. He specialised in physics, mathematics and computer sciences integrating them seamlessly with his philosophical, metaphysical and spiritual studies. Ravi Ravindra obtained degrees of B.Sc. and M. Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, before going to Canada on a Commonwealth Scholarship to do an M.S. and Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Toronto. Later, he did an M.A. in Philosophy also, and at different times held Post-doctoral fellowships in Physics (University of Toronto), History and Philosophy of Science (Princeton University) and in Religion (Columbia University). He is now Professor Emeritus at Dalhousie University in Halifax (Canada) where he served for many years as a Professor in the departments of Comparative Religion, Philosophy, and of Physics.


EUY Virtual Congress 2020 Teachers


Alberto Paganini

Yoga Federatie van de Nederlandstaligen in België

Alberto Paganini, (born 1957), philosopher and yoga teacher with 41 years of experience in teaching and learning yoga in Belgium and abroad. Founder of the Soma Yoga school for teachers, Prana Yoga Flow and Heart Yoga. Author of the book ‘Prana Yoga Flow’, works on Heart Yoga projects.

Anneke Sips

Integrative Yoga Therapy

Network Yoga Therapy is a platform created by Anneke Sips (RN, C-IAYT) because she believes that when like-minded humans who care about the world get together, we can have great impact.

I am a Svastha Yoga Teacher and Therapist and a Registered Nurse (RN) working in psychiatry since 1998. I am one of the first (and few) accredited yoga therapists (C-IAYT) in Europe and the founder of Network Yoga Therapy and The Yoga Therapy Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I bridge yoga and mental health for over a decade. My expertise and experience can be found in yoga for complex mental health and especially addiction, trauma and psychosis. I design and offer therapeutic yoga programs and am a bridge builder in the field of Yoga Therapy for mental health in The Netherlands and globally. I am a student of A.G. Mohan, his wife Indra Mohan from Chennai who were both direct students of Krishnamacharya.

From Anneke’s website:

Bernie Connor

Irish Yoga Association

Bernie, has been teaching Yoga for 23years following her training with the Irish Yoga Association(IYA). For 20 years Bernie has tutored Anatomy and Physiology on the teacher training course, her approach incorporates a body-mind approach.She is involved in running both Deepening the practice courses and CPD days for the IYA. Bernie also runs her own classes and workshops in her hometown. Bernie’s enthusiasm and love of yoga is evident in her teaching.She constantly blends the grosser physical, mental and emotional energies with the deeper subtler energies of the body. Her focus is to enable her students to find new insights and develop greater awareness, allowing them to engage with the discovery of their own true nature.

Denis Perret

Fédération Viniyoga Internationale

Formateur d’Enseignants de yoga pedagogie Viniyoga, dont le module srishti ≪Enseigner le yoga aux enfants≫. Accompagnement individuel en yoga du chemin de vie. Accompagnement de la liberation des memoires. Yoga-therapeute. Cours collectifs adultes depuis 1994 et en Vinyāsa Krama.

Dmytro Danylov

Ukranian Yoga Federation

Senior yoga teacher of UFY. Head of “Nataraja” yoga-studios. Initiator of projects: “YogaTravel”, “Yogis without Borders”. Author of the book and app on “Yoga-paṭṭa: ropes and wall”. PhD-graduate – thesis on “Transformation of the concept of dhyāna”. Coordinator of UFY`s foreign affairs.

Geza Timcak

Slovenska Asociacia Jogy

Geza started teaching yoga as a yoga teacher in 1975. He learned from European and renowned Indian yoga and spiritual teachers (1977-2019) mostly in India. Since 2016 he teaches also a unique way how to work towards spiritual maturity using the practical technique of Srí chakra sadhana. Empowering the human system through Srí chakra sadhana – a unique way of working with the energies defined in the practical philosophy of Srí chakra – the experiential model of the micro and macro cosmos. Reflection, asanas, pranayama, mantra and meditation give the structure of training. The training has 9 levels, and at the 3 ninety minute workshops, 9 will be discussed and 6 practiced. The training includes work with selected personality traits, Srí Chakra mantras, asanas, pranayama and meditation. The process will be supported by written course materials and the CD – Shrí chakra sadhana by both G.M. Timcak and I. Sedlacek). This gives possibility to continue the practice at home.

Hardy Fürch

Berufsverbandes der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland (BDY)

Ich bin Jahrgang 1956 und habe eine vierjährige Yogalehrausbildung nach
den Richtlinien des Berufsverbandes der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland (BDY)
und der Europäischen Yoga-Union (EYU) absolviert. Ich darf mich deshalb
Yogalehrer BDY/EYU nennen. Yoga und Meditation unterrichte ich seit 1993
im Westerwald und ab 2018 in Köln. Ich bilde mich regelmäßig (z.B.
medizinisch) weiter. 

Laurence Maman

Institut Francais De Yoga (IFY)

Laurence Maman est élève de T.K.V. DESIKACHAR depuis 1977. Professeur de yoga, formateur d´enseignants et médecin, elle est membre fondateur de la fédération FVF devenue par la suite FFYV et maintenant IFY. Sa double formation et son expérience pratique dans les deux domaines l’amènent naturellement à s’intéresser tout particulièrement aux rapports du yoga avec la santé. Ses autres centres d´intérêt, en relation avec le yoga, sont depuis longtemps le chant et le travail avec le son et, plus récemment, la psychanalyse, extraordinaire outil de travail sur la parole pour « aller vers soi ».

Martin Henniger

Yoga Forum Düsseldorf

Martin Henniger ist Yogalehrer BDY/ EYU und Indologe (Sanskrit, Tamil, Bengali), außerdem Studium der Germanistik und Sozialwissenschaften. Zusammen mit Frauke Schütte leitet er das Yogaforum Düsseldorf. Bundesweite Dozententätigkeit in verschiedenen Yogalehrausbildungen. Mitarbeit beim Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland e. V. (BDY). Zur Zeit Promotion über die Erschließung eines südindischen, traditionellen Yogatextes (Tirumandiram) unter Prof. von Brück an der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

Riccardo Ruggeri

Federación Nacional de Yoga Sadhana

After 10 years working for Fiat Group Automobiles all around Europe, Riccardo came back to Italy, to focus on his own practice. He graduated in Aerospace Engineering in Stockholm, Sweden with a Master thesis on fluid dynamics. He practices Yoga since 1989 following several teachers, in particular Carlos Fiel and VimalaThakar, he trained with her until her death, taking part in many retreats in Mount Abu. He also learned Kalarypayattu, and practices Tai Ki Kung and On Zon Su. Riccardo is interested in and practices dance improvisation in its many different forms and expressions. In this sense, he met and trained with Simone Forti and Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson and Nancy Stark Smith.

Romanie Graumans

Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland

Romanie took her teacher training at Samsara in the Netherlands. This training was followed by her initiation in Kriya Yoga and numerous other intensive training with teachers in hatha, ashtanga and Iyengar yoga, prana yoga flow, such as Daniel Strausser and Alberto Paganini. Romanie is one of Samsaras directors and founder of Yoia, her Schiedam based studio.

Ronald Steiner

Ronald Steiner is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with an approved and active Registered Yoga School (RYS).
Dr. Ronald Steiner is the founder of the AYI method. This method links traditional Ashtanga Yoga with an innovative apporach. Body and mind join and find an harmonious balance together. Ronald is sports physician, researcher with foci on prevention and rehabilitation as well as one of the most well-known practitioners of Ashtanga Yoga. At the same time, Ronald Steiner is one of the very few yoga teachers authorized in the traditional way by the Indian grand masters Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and BNS Iyengar.

Satu Bethell

Yoga Federation of Finland SUOMEN JOOGALIITTO ry

Satu has been practicing and teaching yoga for over thirty years. She has been a yoga teacher in the Yoga Federation of Finland since 2005, and a yoga teacher trainer since 2008. The basis for her yoga is in the tradition of Krishnamacharya and Patanjali´s Yoga sutras. Satu has had the joy of learning yoga from many great yogis, including the Mohan family, Luigi Sgroi, Bruna Rossi and Arvo Tavi, who was a long-term personal student of Gerard Blitz.Besides teaching Yoga, Satu has been working as a visual artist. In addition, she is a qualified Art Therapist and a senior lecturer in Social Services at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, where she incorporates yoga and meditation into her teaching. The biggest thing we can learn through yoga is compassion and joy. Self-compassion is a starting point for connection and compassion towards others. Joy follows compassion.

Walter Thirak Ruta

Fédération Inter-enseignements de Hatha Yoga

Disciple du Yogi silencieux de Madras, Walter Thirak Ruta incarne le yoga dans sa puissance et sa fermeté. Cet italien fait partie du cercle fermé des yogis occidentaux qui vivent le yoga avec intégrité et intensité. Homme de foi, il voyage de lieux de passage en lieux de rencontre en Inde et en Occident. Il valorise la transmission
reçue en expérimentant avec de joviaux chercheurs certaines des pratiques décrites dans les textes du Haṭha Yoga. Disciple of the silent Yogi of Madras, Walter Thirak Ruta embodies yoga in its power and strength. dans sa puissance et sa fermeté. This Italian belongs to the select group of Western yogis who live in yoga with integrity and intensity. Man of faith, he travels from passageways to meeting places in India and the Western world. He develops the received transmission by experimenting with jovial researchers some of the practices described in the texts of Haṭha Yoga.

Wanda Vanni

Federazione Mediterranea Yoga

Inizia il suo cammino nello Yoga nel 1965 . Frequenta il primo ISFIY organizzato dalla F.I.Y. e ne diventa insegnante. Segue gli insegnamenti di grandi Maestri , quali : Swami Satchidananda, Sri Chidananda, Swami Satyananda di Monghir , T.K.V. Desiikachar, Dr. Bole, Dr. Garote, Swami Yogasvarupananda, Yogacharya Janakiraman di Bangalore .Si reca in India per incontrare Vimala Thakar , i cui insegnamenti segnano profondamente la sua vita e la sua ricerca. Ha seguito inoltre il messaggio di Gerard Blitz , Antonio Nuzzo , André e Willy Van Lysebeth. Insegnante di Yoga della F.I.Y. dal 1977 ha insegnato nelle Scuole di Formazione di Milano, Padova, Roma e Catania. E’ stata membro del Consiglio Direttivo e del Comitato Pedagogico della F.I.Y. per oltre 10 anni. Ha fondato nel Dicembre 2000 la Federazione Mediterranea Yoga , membro dell’Unione Europea di Yoga e Patrocinata dal Dipartimento di Discipline Umanistiche dell’Università di Catania , di cui è Presidente e membro della Commissione Pedagogica Federale. Insegna a Catania , a Parigi , presso la Scuola di Formazione Van Lysebeth e Milano nel Corso di Formazione A.F.Y. “ Tradizione André Van Lysebeth” e conduce Seminari di Yoga in Italia e all’estero. Il a commencé son parcours dans le yoga en 1965. Participe au premier ISFIY organisé par F.I.Y. et devient un enseignant. Voici les enseignements des grands maîtres, tels que: Swami Satchidananda, Sri Chidananda, Swami Satyananda de Monghir, T.K.V. Desiikachar, Dr. Bole, Dr. Garote, Swami Yogasvarupananda, Yogacharya Janakiraman de Bangalore, se rend en Inde pour rencontrer Vimala Thakar, dont les enseignements marquent profondément sa vie et ses recherches. Il a également suivi le message de Gerard Blitz, Antonio Nuzzo, André et Willy Van Lysebeth. Professeur de yoga de F.I.Y. depuis 1977, il a enseigné dans les écoles de formation de Milan, Padoue, Rome et Catane. Elle a été membre du conseil d’administration et du comité pédagogique de F.I.Y. depuis plus de 10 ans. En décembre 2000, il a fondé la Mediterranean Yoga Federation, membre de l’Union européenne de yoga et parrainé par le département des disciplines humanistes de l’université de Catane, dont il est président et membre de la Commission pédagogique fédérale. Il enseigne à Catane, à Paris, à la Van Lysebeth Training School et à Milan au A.F.Y. “André Van Lysebeth tradition” et dirige des séminaires de yoga en Italie et à l’étranger.

Zeynep Guggenheim

Schweizer Yogaverband

Zeynep Guggenheim ist Yogalehrerin und Yogatherapeutin und unterrichtet seit 10 Jahren in der Schweiz. Als Gastreferentin an der Yoga University und Workshop- und Seminarleiterin verbindet sie gerne das Potenzial des Yoga mit anderen Wegen der Selbstwahrnehmung und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung.



Naren and Sarada

Naren & Sarada are a European Duo. Sarada born (September 14, 1964) is a Dutch singer and Naren (born June 4, 1975) is a French songwriter/singer and guitarist. When they were both very young, they realized that music was more than just a passion – it was part of their lives. The band was formed in 2005 after a tribute concert to George Harrison. Their music is a mix of rock, pop and folk. Many of the band’s themes revolve around spirituality and meaning of life. Naren & Sarada’s music permeates their deep love for Eastern mysticism. Their intention is to spread love and joy through their music. They both are volunteers in the Ashram , in which they live, near Paris. They study Vedanta philosophy and practise yoga and meditation, which greatly influences their lives and their music.