EUY Online Congress 2020 Theme

Yoga and the Social Reality

In the Bhagavad Gita, a classical text of Yoga, Krishna reveals himself as the incarnation of the Highest Divinity and says that even though He has nothing to gain, He is constantly engaged in action for the welfare of the world, and that if He were to stop acting, the worlds would perish. He also strongly conveys that Krishna, or whatever label we use for the Highest Spirit (Jesus, Muhammad etc) speaks to us, resides in each one of us, and that we have been created in order to become aware of the deep-seated spiritual demand we feel in quiet moments and to do our part in assisting the well-being of the whole of nature, including human beings.

A true yogi wishes to understand and carry out not self-will, but the will of the Divine in us acting through our body-mind. As is said in the Bhagavad Gita:


“Steadfast in yoga, the knower of truth realizes ‘Truly I do nothing at all”


At present human beings all over the globe are under constraints of different sorts. Rather than closing our hearts and minds, each one of us is called, as a practitioner of Yoga, to do our part in alleviating suffering in whatever way we can, thus responding to the call of Krishna, the Master of Yoga:


“Offering all your actions to Me, mindful of your deepest Self, without expectation, without self-occupation, struggle without agitation.”