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The EUY is an organisation representing Yoga Associations, Federations and Bodies across Europe. The EUY ensures high standards of Teacher Training courses amongst it’s members and collaborate in Yoga projects and providing guidelines to European governments on safe and holistic yoga practice, training and teaching.

The European Union of Yoga (EUY)has brought National Yoga bodies together since 1971 to share common values. The EUY carries the message of Yoga that has eternal value to people in this millennium.
To be an outstanding organisation, promoting and protecting the essence and authority of the teachings of yoga as well as upholding the spiritual maturity of yoga training in Europe
The EUY adopts the basic Yoga tenets as defined in the Yogasutras of Patanjali. The EUY Yoga training follows the framework given by the classical yoga texts. Yoga in the EUY is non-competitive.
The Statutes are the Governing Rules and Policies that define the structure and principles in running the EUY.
The EUY welcomes any contribution, be it monetary or other that helps to maintain its services to the European and global yoga world. Support the classic values of yoga through supporting the European Union of Yoga.
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