EUY Vision

The European Union of Yoga (EUY) has brought National Yoga bodies together since 1971 to share common values. The EUY carries the message of Yoga that has eternal value to people in this millennium. The EUY sees Yoga as a philosophy and also a tool for activating hidden human potential through spiritual, mental and psychophysical practices defined by classical Yoga texts and present day Yoga schools. Yoga is taught as a practical subject for human beings, as well as a most valuable tool for living a full and truly creative life.

The EUY and its corporate members maintain a high quality of Yoga tuition. Its members’ Teacher Training courses are delivered by certified Yoga teachers educated in approved Yoga training facilities according to a carefully defined 4-year programme of study.

The EUY vision is:

  • To be the reference point of yoga tradition
  • To be THE organization that is guarding or advancing the essence of the yoga-traditions
  • To be the outstanding organization imparting/passing on the authentic teachings of yoga in current Europe
  • To be a guardian of quality of yoga teaching

Our aim is to be “An authority and focus point for promoting and transmitting the essence of yoga and its teaching traditions.”