Swiss Yoga Association
SYV, Swiss Yoga Association / Schweizer Yogaverband, Postfach 37, Rue Neuve 1, CH-2613 Villeret, Switzerland. Tel. 0041 32 941 50 40,

About the Swiss Yoga Association
The Swiss Yoga Association exists since 1995 and counts at this time 650 Yoga teachers. Besides the 4 year teacher training courses, we offer Yoga therapy training courses that take several years. Throughout the whole year we also offer a vast continuous education program and seminars for Yoga teachers and others: “Lehrgang Yogatherapie” (TTC Yoga therapy) and “Seminare / Weiterbildung” (continuous education/seminars). Every 2-3 years we organize an international Yoga congress and twice a year we publish our Yoga Journal
Teacher Training Course
The teacher training courses start every year in October at the Yoga University in Villeret, near Biel/Bienne, Switzerland and are taught in the German language. These training courses with a total of 1224 teaching hours take 4 years time.
Yoga Schools
Yoga University Villeret, Postfach 37, Rue Neuve 1, CH-2613 Villeret, Switzerland, Tel. 0041 32 941 50 40

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