The Organisation

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EUY History

The EUY was founded in 1971 by Gerard Blitz and Andre van Lysebeth. The representatives of the National Federations met in Switzerland in 1971 to create the European Union of Yoga Federations (UEFNY) which later became the EUY.
Organisational Structure

The EUY has successfully changed the way it operates in the recent past, and is now working on internalising and manifesting the structures and policies.
The Board

The Board gets elected at a General Assembly. The Board co-ordinates all activities of the teams, the General Assembly and organisation. The Board consists of a President, a vice President, a Treasurer and a Secretary.
General Assembly
The General Assembly consists of the representatives of the Federation members, and also participate in the teams to contribute to the running of the EUY.
The Teams  
Meeting Team. Support Team. Communications and Admission Team. Education Team
Teacher Training Standards

The Aim of the Initial Training Programme is to enable students to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become effective teachers of Yoga, and to provide a basis for the continued study of the philosophy, principles, and practice of Yoga.