Yvonne Bertogg

Yoga Circle, Asylstrasse 112, 8032 Zuerich,

  [email protected]

Federation: Schweizer Yogaverband
School: None

Hatha Yoga

About Yvonne

<p>Yvonne Bertogg is a certified Yoga teacher from the Swiss Yoga Association (SYV) and EUY with an Adult Teacher Certification from the Swiss Confederation. She has also completed a Diploma Study in Health Management and several Trainings in Yoga Therapy. She is a Board Member of the Swiss Yoga Association (SYV). Her interest in Yoga started in California were she lived over a decade and studied various methods of Yoga. Since 1997 she teaches Yoga in Zurich Switzerland in her Yoga studio the Yoga Circle. Besides weekly Lessons and Retreats, she also teaches Workshops in companies about Health Management and Work-Life Balance.</p>

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