Francois Lorin

135 chemin du Crapon, NYONS, 26110 Nyons France

  lori[email protected]

Federation: Institut Francais De Yoga
School: Institut Francais De Yoga

Direct student of TKV.Desikachar

About Francois

<p>Francois Lorin, born september 10th,1941.</p>

<p>Married. Two children.</p>

<p>First journey to India, overland, 1963.Then, regular attendance at J.Krishnamurti's talks in India and Europe until his death.</p>

<p>From 1966 to 1987, studies yoga with T.K.V Desikachar, son of T.Krishnamacharya in Madras (now Chennai) : yoga sûtra-s, asana-s, pranayama-s, Bhagavad Gîtâ, Hatha yoga pradipika, etc.</p>

<p>Has received the Viniyoga international association's diploma recognizing him as a yoga teacher in Desikachar's tradition.</p>

<p>Has Followed the Richard Moss' mentor program in spiritual psychology from 1993 to 1997.</p>

<p>Tutor future yoga teacher from 1968 onwards and is one of the co-founder of the Institut français de yoga, previously known as Federation de yoga viniyoga France.</p>

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<p>Research interests :</p>

<p>Appropriate transmission of yoga in all its aspects.</p>

<p>Holistic psychologies and spirituality.</p>


<p>Equality of status between children, adults, women, men, animals, plants.</p>

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<p>Short biography.</p>

<p>Having seen the non reality of the notion of self and of the beliefs I was made of, twice in my life : the first time while listening attentively to Krishnamurti's talk in Saanen in Switzerland and the second time during a seminar near Paris with Swami Muktananda from the siddha yoga tradition gave what was called an intensive with "shaktipat".  I am  concerned with sharing this understanding with my students, since I know it is the only hope to change the present terrible state of affair of human life everywhere.</p>

Events by Francois

Events hosted by this teacher.
<p>February 2018 : seminar in Morocco south of Marrakech.</p> <p>Contact me.</p>


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