Welcome to the EUY Members Register.

This manual explains the rules, procedures and the qualifying criteria for registration for Schools and Teachers.

Welcome to the EUY Members Register. Our system uses one Addressbook from where you can register for Congress or register as a Teacher or register your school, both accessed with one User ID and password. The system has two main components – your personal address book details, and your registrations for Teachers or Schools. The procedure for registration is explained below, as well as the qualifying criteria.

1. The Members Registration Process.

    1. You register an individual in the Address book.
    2. Next you register as a Teacher or a School.
    3. Next pay the fees and to inform us.
    4. The EUY then processes your application by verification from your qualifying organisation and provide approval to proceed.
    5. On receipt of approval and payment your web page goes on line, and you are live publicly.
    6. Your receipt and Members certificate are then available online.

Eligible members:

    • An EUY Teacher from one of the EUY recognised schools or member federations
    • EUY recognised Schools from EUY member federations
    • An EUY member federation with no schools

Member Requirements:

    • Registered members are responsible for their own qualifications maintenance in terms of ongoing skills development training in line with EUY guidelines.
    • The EUY and the Approving Organisations maintain the right to change account status information as appropriate.

Registration Key:

Data Protection:

The EUY has taken reasonable steps to protect your data in this application, and you may request a copy of all your data kept by the EUY.

2. Log in.

To log in to the system you have 3 options:
    1. Use your details from Congress registration
    2. Check if you are on the database already using your email, then reset your password
    3. Create a new account, set password and register

3. Admin Home Page.

1 The home page shows your Account data, with the same account for both Members database and congress subscription. 2 It also shows your Teacher or School registrations, or 3 the function to register new Teacher or School registrations. 4 The tables also shows the default Avatar or the presence of your uploaded photos.

4. Your Account Details.

4.1 The Address Book Your personal name 1, address and contact details 2, and your yoga status 3. This information is private and not visible publicly.

4.2 Upload your ID Photo.
Please add a passport type photo for your account.

5. The Registration page.

The registration page for Teachers and Schools are similar, and contains all the information that will be displayed on the website. This information is public.

There are three sections on this page that are updated separately.
- 1 Registration details – Contact, Location, Type of training provided
- 2 About – a short paragraph about your registration
- 3 Event - a short paragraph about your next event

6. The Payments page.

The Payments page for Teachers and Schools are similar. Once you have completed payment enter the details here. The treasurer will confirm payment, your status changes to 2. Paid, and your receipt will become available for printing.

7. Uploading photos.

You can upload photos for your address book account and for your public web page on the Upload Photos page. 1 Guidelines on the types of photos and restrictions are explained on the page. 2 The EUY Avatar is a placeholder for your photos.

8. Preview your Member website.

From the Registration Details page, test how your information looks.

9. Print your Member Certificate.

Your Member Certificate will be available when account status reaches 4. Approved.

10. Reset your password.

Reset your password under Services, make it safe and memorable.
Use a sentence with no spaces – eg. Horseridingisfun

11. Conclusion.

The logic and process flow in the software is now concluded, and the French version has been populated with tentative content which is been proofread for accuracy. We still request your patience and understanding.

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