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India’s 5000-Year-Old Psychotherapy Yoga Therapy Darshana:

A Standard Text of Yoga Therapy based on Traditional Yoga (English Edition)

Darshana is an ancient Indian practice in which gurus guide their disciples to resolve spiritual questions. It is comparable to counseling in modern psychology, and yogic scriptures written thousands of years ago provide many examples of darshana.
Yoga therapy adapts this ancient wisdom, enabling yoga therapists to assist clients address health issues with an integrated mind-body approach. The mind-body connection has always been a central tenet in yoga and Ayurveda, but was put aside as modern medicine developed. Interest has rekindled, however, as it is now clear that conventional medicine cannot cure the psychosomatic stress-related illnesses rampant in our world today.
This book unravels teachings from ancient yogic texts, giving readers a deep and practical understanding of yoga therapy darshana. Case studies and exercises for aspiring yoga therapists are also included.

The author, Mr Keishin Kimura, lectured on Yogatherapy during 2018 EUY Zinal Congress