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EUY Values

Value system of the EUY:

1. The EUY adopts the basic Yoga tenets as defined in the Yogasutras of Patanjali.
2. The EUY Yoga training follows the framework given by the classical yoga texts.
3. Yoga in the EUY is non-competitive. It is aimed at developing human potential fully.
4. Yoga in EUY is non-religious and can be practiced by people of any religion as well as by those with no religious affiliation.
5. EUY Yoga tutors have to be trained in certified schools for at least the set period of time the tutors have to adhere to the EUY’s code of ethics.
6. National Yoga organisations can join the EUY after harmonising their Bye-Laws and standards with those defined by the EUY.
7. The EUY respects European as well as universal values and respects the European Union Commission’s recommendations regarding physical and mental education.