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EUY Vision

EUY Vision

The EUY vision is:

  • To be the reference point of yoga tradition
  • To be THE organization that is guarding or advancing the essence of the yoga-traditions
  • To be the outstanding organization imparting/passing on the authentic teachings of yoga in current Europe
  • To be a guardian of quality of yoga teaching

Our aim is to be “An authority and focus point for promoting and transmitting the essence of yoga and its teaching traditions.”


The EUY was founded in 1971 by Gerard Blitz and Andre van Lysebeth. The representatives of the National Federations met in Switzerland in 1971 to create the European Union of Yoga Federations (UEFNY) which later became the EUY.

Teacher Training

The Aim of the Initial Training Program is to enable students to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become effective teachers of Yoga, and to provide a basis for the continued study of the philosophy, principles, and practice of Yoga.

EUY Vision

The European Union of Yoga (EUY) has brought National Yoga bodies together since 1971 to share common values. The EUY carries the message of Yoga that has eternal value to people in this millennium.

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EUY Mission

The EUY’s mission statement is to be an outstanding organisation, promoting and protecting the essence and authority of the teachings of yoga as well as upholding the spiritual maturity …

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EUY Values

1. The EUY adopts the basic Yoga tenets as defined in the Yogasutras of Patanjali.
2. The EUY Yoga training follows the framework given by the classical yoga texts.

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EUY Articles

The EUY Articles and Internal Regulations guide and direct the EUY Organisational governance.