Carlos Fiel


Born in San Sebastian in 1950, doctor and musician.

He could be summed up as having practised Yoga and meditation since 1967.

In 1980, together with his brother Emilio, he founded the Rainbow Community, which developed both in Spain and in Europe between 1980 and 1995. At the same time, in 1980, he founded the Sadhana School, a training centre for yoga teachers and psycho-corporal therapies. Sadhana currently has eight training schools and twelve trainers and over the years has trained more than two thousand teachers.

He was a direct collaborator of Gérard Blitz from the foundation of the European Union of Yoga until Blitz’s death in 1990.

As a doctor and in the therapeutic field, his work has focused on psycho-anatomical and psycho-somatic research which, together with evolutionary medicine, has been his main academic interest in different universities both in Spain and abroad.

His practice and vision of yoga are enriched by contributions from medicine, neuroscience and different therapeutic visions.

His personal work focuses on meditation and comes from a long development in Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism and the Theravada world, on which he has focused for the last fifteen years.

Since the 1970s he has travelled regularly to the East, mainly to India, but also to other countries within the Vipassana world, such as Burma, Thailand, Korea and Vietnam.

His heartfelt thanks go to all the teachers in the world of medicine and therapy as well as in the world of yoga and meditation who have been his true inspiration and who have awakened his curiosity, which is the most beautiful subject in the art of education.

“The search for serenity, understanding and compassion are three of the most beautiful goals that human beings can set themselves. For this it is necessary that our bodies become a source of life and not a shell. The desire for shared well-being is the quality of living matter.”

Workshop: Afternoon workshop 14.00 –16.00 (Monday)

Language: French and Spanish

“The warmth of the heart: an essential element in meditation, in yoga and as a basis for any therapeutic principle.”                               

“The quality of our practice is a constant balance between fluidity, precision and presence. This constant adjustment of fluidity, flexibility, adaptability, mobility and surrender interacts with all the organic functions related to our energetic, circulatory, nervous, muscular and articular systems.”

Workshop: In the afternoon 17.00 – 18.30 (Monday)

Language: English/ French

Round table with other Featured Speakers: Ravi Ravindra, Dipa Hélène Marinetti, Andrey Safronov etc”

 “We will debate the selected theme: Hridaya Yoga with Questions and Answers from the public”