Congress in Zinal 2023

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This year the 50th Anniversary of the EUY Congress in Zinal

It is for all those who are interested in the various original paths of spiritual yoga. The EUY welcomes all yogis from around the world to join in the celebration of yoga.

The heart is considered the place where the ātman rests. Thus, Hridaya is the yoga of the path of the heart, which aims to awaken the spiritual heart in us and lead us to the path to liberation. Hridaya, as the way of the heart, encourages us to see the One in all things and to see all in the One. The 2023 Yoga congress in Zinal will explore this understanding of Hridaya through which the heart prospers, soothes, and shares.
We invite our federations to submit applications of teachers whose practice (be it asanas, pranajama, meditation techniques, etc.) or lectures will be in line with Hridaya, the yoga of the spiritual heart.

It will be a particularly festive event.

The two guests of honour will be Ravi Ravindra and Dipa-Hélène Marinetti.

Ravi Ravindra, on the theme “The Heart and Purpose of Yoga”, will discuss the teaching of yoga, which is a science par excellence for a radical inner transformation of the seeker called to undertake the relevant practices with the ultimate goal of finding one’s unity with the Mysterious One who created the entire cosmos.

Dipa-Hélène Marinetti will propose the study of the text Pratyabhijñahṛdayam “The Secret of the Recognition of the Heart” written by Kṣemarāja, a synthesis in 20 verses of the metaphysics of Kashmiri Shivaism, for which the Heart is the place of union of Shiva – Shakti, the Supreme Reality, where the descent of Consciousness – Energy into the universe, its deviated reflection, and how to regain identity with the Supreme, through penetration to the deep Heart, is described.

Dipa will also conduct a Mantra Chanting Workshop.

Yoga teachers from different countries will offer classes and lectures.
There will be places to have lunch together, presentations of yoga studies, group discussions and round tables with teachers.

If you are looking for car sharing please join our Telegram group by scaning this QR code.

All the hotels and chalets in Zinal are ready to welcome yogis. Here you can look through and book a room for your stay in Zinal during the Congress.

Julia England

Zinal, a charismatic mountain village in the Val d'Anniviers Zinal - a peaceful valley in the Swiss Alps, providing ideal conditions for practicing yoga. It is a highlight of the year for me. Undisturbed by the "noisy World”, I am able to dive into the practice and deepen my experience. High concentration of unique teachers and exceptionally knowledgeable scholars offers an inspiration, answers to questions and navigation tools aiding to identify right directions on your path.

Catherine Laugee

Every time we have come to Zinal since 2011, we have had moments of grace and shared gifts, whether in the workshops and conferences generously offered by the speakers, or during the convivial evenings during which the participants gather for music, to dance together or to discover the federations that make the European Union of Yoga come alive.

Dmytro Danylov

Congress in Zinal is not only an event to do yoga, but it is also a possibility to experience the history of yoga in Europe, the only place outside of India.

Jenny Petridis

The best yoga experience! Full of love, light, kindness and sunshine in the heart. And of course EXCELLENT yoga classes. Thanks you BYC yoga! I will come back next year for SURE/

Iris Salomon Har-Even Israel

EUY annual events in Zinal, is for me as the sweetest candy I can give myself. Both, as a yoga teacher who appreciates that all of are there, sharing the ancient brilliant knowledge, from all different schools and also as a nature fan that gets the location's experience through all my senses. What a gift we created to ourselves, having shared this Zinal week for 50 years now. Hope to meet u there, Iris, Israel (celebrating 17th times in EUY Zinal events, but who counts😄)

Swami Nityamuktananda Saraswati

Zinal ... a beautiful Place and fabulous event with very caring, lovely people. I thoroughly enjoyed it whenever I was invited to share wisdom with that community.

Gabor Pek

One of the best places to be to embrace yourself. Inspiring people, breathtaking environment, great program. Must visit.

Moret Michael

Few events can proudly celebrate a 50th anniversary. The International Yoga Congress in Zinal is one of them ! It's a proud moment for the organisers, and a great pleasure for Anniviers and Zinal in particular. Over the years, many friendships and collaborations have been forged between Zinal and the thousands of yogis that we are so happy to welcome to our little paradise every year. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Roland and his team, as well as all the participants, for their trust and fidelity, and I wish the international yoga congress a long life !

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