The FIY is inviting to the event Convegno FIY 2024 – Assisi

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, FIY proposes a theme of extraordinary depth: the search for the essential. Yoga is a complex discipline, thousands of years old but more topical than ever; it has a thousand facets and embraces all dimensions of being, creating a bridge between science, with all its beneficial effects in the field of health and well-being, and consciousness, with its spiritual evolutionary implications, but in each case always leading us back to the essential. But what is essential? Essential is what is really necessary to live a complete, balanced and happy life. Excess, just like deficiency, is an element of imbalance and unhappiness. Seeking the essential in order to live a complete life means simplifying to the utmost, stripping oneself of all that is superfluous, getting rid of what is no longer useful, but rather, represents a burden, and concentrating only on the essence, on what is truly indispensable. It means walking along the path of life clothed only in ‘Digambara’ heaven. This theme, ‘The Quest for the Essential’, which sums up the heart of the teachings of yoga in a single concept and is the thread and basis of the FIY tradition, will be explored in depth during this Congress through the different points of view of distinguished speakers and masters of the Indian tradition. We therefore look forward to seeing you all, on this special occasion, to retrace the steps of FIY together and rediscover the meaning of our lives through the eyes of yoga.

May 31 - June 2, 2024, E-mail: