Dagmar Nora Shorny


During a stay in India (1992-1994) for studies in philosophy I met T.K.V Desikachar and had classes at the mandiram in former Madras. I started teaching in 1998, met R.Sriram in 2001 and continued my teacher training with him. 2008 I started teacher trainings myself and our school Yoga Pushpa – Schule für Yoga was recognized by EUY in 2020.
Yoga Therapy Training with Desikachar and his son. Several Seminars with Bettina Bäumer reading texts of Kashmir Shaivism.

Workshop: Tracing Hrdaya through the ancient texts we are touched and inspired by their words and images.
Teaching includes gentle asana, pranayama, meditation, reading and Focusing techniques of self inquiry.
The morning practice prepares the afternoon workshop and focuses more on asana practice.

Language: German

Federation: Yoga Austria-BYO