Dipa Hélène Marinetti

Keynote Speaker

After lengthy studies in Classics (Greek and Latin) and Sanskrit at the Sorbonne, in 1970 she set off for India, where she lived for seven years. Throughout those years she continued to study Sanskrit in several institutes with Pandits and became acquainted with Indian spiritual culture. She took the 9-month yoga training at the Lonavla school Kaivalyadhâma (1976-1977). She created and wrote a correspondence course in Sanskrit for beginners which she has been running with great enthusiasm for thirty years. Teacher, lecturer and trainer for several schools, she also teaches Indian philosophy, mantra chanting and the study of texts in workshops and regular courses. Several translations, particularly of the Bhagavad Gîtâ, have been published by the journal  ‘Spiritualités vivantes’ and by Âgamât (Śrîmad Bhagavad Gîtâ came out in 2022).  More publications, which have emerged and matured over the course of this transmission that has largely taken place orally, are forthcoming. OṂ TATSAT.

Workshop: Afternoon Lecture 14.30 – 16.30 (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)

Language: Français (with translation into English)

Two encounters were decisive for Dipa:  with Swâmi Muktânanda, Master of Kashmir Shivaism , and with Lilian Silburn, both of whom constantly inspired and guided her on her path. Initiated into the chanting of mantra and Hamsa meditation by her guru, she experienced the opening of the Heart; initiated into Shivaite metaphysics by Lilian Silburn through her books on Sanskrit exegesis, Dipa devoted herself to that Knowledge. The teaching of chanting and the deep study of texts take place spontaneously, accurately and joyfully, so that everyone is touched, illuminated by the light and energy that suit them. Such is the transmission of knowledge, from Heart to Heart.

Workshop 1: Study of the Sanskrit text Pratyabhijñahṛdayam

The ‘Secret of the Recognition of the Heart’ written by Kṣemarāja, a synthesis in 20 verses of the metaphysics of Kashmiri Shivaism, in which the Heart is the place where Shiva and Shakti are united, Supreme Reality, and where the descent of Consciousness- Energy into the Universe is described, its deflected reflection and how to find the identity of the Supreme by penetrating deeply into the Heart.  

Workshop 2: Mantra chanting : The Voice of the Heart

Learning and practice of mantra as Energy of the Word, vehicle of Sound and Meaning, of the Consciousness-Shiva and the Energy indissociable from it – Shakti. A subtle, effective way of entering into the vibration of the Heart and experiencing Peace and Happiness there. Chanting of the Sanskrit alphabet, Vedic chant, hymns, bhajan, japa.

For both workshops texts, translations and original documents will be provided.

Each time we will finish with the Shivaite meditation  Hamsa – So’Ham.