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EUY Delegates

Delegates represent their member organisation at the General Assemblies and participate in the Organisational teams.

AUSTRIA        BYO Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Österreich

Delegate: Veronika Hlawatsch

The roots of my yoga lie in the Krishnamcharya/Desikachar/Sriram tradition.
In addition, I am influenced by an intuitive somatic approach to yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, the gentle and conscious movements of Feldenkrais and the facial work of Ida Rolf, in order to access a deep connection with my body. About two years ago I came into contact with Bonnie Cohen Bainbridge’s body/mind/centering. These are all ways of deepening sensuality and kinesthesia. I immerse myself (and my breath – my feelings and my mind) to investigate and play – it’s a joyful journey…
Teaching yoga has enriched my life for five years. For 20 years, I have been working as a sound designer for films. It is a work of awareness of acoustics: The sight – the moving image – is filled and surrounded by sound – the sound creates the atmosphere, opens and creates spaces for the spectator.


BELGIUM            ABEPY Association Belge des Enseignants et des Pratiquants de Yoga

Delegate: Huguette Declercq

Yoga teacher in 1983, by the School of Training of Yoga Teachers (EFEY).
Continues to train in many different streams of Yoga. Met Kundalini Yoga in 1989, trained as a Kundalini Yoga instructor in 1997.
Trainer in Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.



BELGIUM          FBHY Fédération Belge d’Hébertisme et de Yoga

Delegate: Frans Moors

I started practicing and studying yoga when I was 18 years old. I am now 74 years old. I am interested in both the techniques and the philosophy and pedagogy of yoga. I went to India (Chennai) for more than 30 consecutive years to deepen my approach with my teacher, TKV Desikachar.
I have been a teacher trainer since 1983 and am recognised by several associations and federations in various countries. In the 1990s, I was a delegate of the FBHY within the UEY, then president of its pedagogical commission.
I have published a translation of Patañjali’s Yoga-Sūtra (Les Cahiers de Présence d’Esprit, 2007), a book translated into many languages.


BELGIUM        YFN vzw Yoga Federatie van de Nederlandstaligen in België vzw

Delegate: Flor Stickens

Has been practising yoga (not just postures) since 1975, teaching since 1985, trainer since 2001.
Trained in the tradition taught by the disciples of Swāmī Śivānanda Sarasvatī, especially that of Satyānanda (Bihar School of Yoga) until 1995 by Rāma Saenen, then in the Viniyoga tradition by Claude Maréchal and Frans and Simone Moors.
Initiated in 2001 in the Himālayas tradition by Swāmī Veda Bhāratī in Rishikesh.

Appreciates the UEY for what is expressed in its Vision ( )/ )


FINLAND       YSJL/YFF Yoga Federation of Finland SUOMEN JOOGALIITTO ry

Delegate: Marjaana Lovén

FRANCE       FIDHY Fédération Inter-enseignements de Hatha Yoga

Delegate: Catherine Laugée

Through the European Yoga Union, the affiliated federations, their teacher training schools, their teachers and their adherents embody the colours of a classical, high standards yoga, adapted to the contemporary world and in the diversity of the currents represented.




FRANCE      IFY Institut Français De Yoga

Delegate: Lina Franco Morrison





FRANCE       FVI France Fédération Viniyoga Internationale France

Delegate: Denis Perret

In 1994 he started teaching yoga in the Viniyoga tradition while working in industry in Grenoble (France).
In 2000 he devoted his professional activity entirely to yoga. For eight years he taught children and young people.
In 2004 he started training as a Yoga Teacher Trainer. In 2013 he took over the responsibility of the Viniyoga Dauphiné Savoie School to train teachers and also offer post-training.
In parallel he offers individual follow-up of daily practice (yoga, including meditation) and of the life path.
As a yoga-therapist he also offers individual follow-up to enable the practitioner to contribute to the improvement of one’s health.


FRANCE        FYT Fédération de Yoga Traditionnels

Delegate: André Riehl

Disciple of Chandra Swami Udddasin of Dehra Dun. President of the FYT (Federation of Traditional Yoga), former administrator of the FIDHY (Fédération Inter-enseignements De Hatha Yoga). Certified yoga teacher of the National Federation of Yoga Teachers FNEY – France. Certified yoga teacher by Yoga Suisse – Switzerland
Yoga teacher trainer Nidra Yoga Switzerland recognized by the European Yoga Union. Responsible for the training of the international school of yoga Prana Bindu – Ujjain – India. Founder of the Somapa study and retreat centre – Avignon – France
Translator and author of videos and CDs of Sanskrit chanting, novels and advanced yoga practices
Founder of an international network for the teaching and dissemination of Nidra Yoga (Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Iran, Japan, Luxembourg, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, Serbia, Switzerland)
Professor of Nidra Yoga at the Universities of Poona, Ujjain, Jabalpur, Mumbai-India. Creator of an international Internet teaching network. Member of the Advisory Board of the Ujjain Yoga Life Society – India. Member of the World Parliament for Spirituality – Hyderabad – India. Guest lecturer at S-Vyasa Yoga University – Bangalore – India
Official recognition by the Indian Government through the Ministry of ONER and IECSME for the transmission of Nidra Yoga. European Guest Organiser for Kumbha Mela 2016 for UYLS – Ujjain. Founder of the China Nidra Yoga Network (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu). Director of the Nidra Yoga International network.

GERMANY            BDY Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland

Rozenn Le Calvez

Delegate of the German Yoga Teachers’ Association BDYoga
French-German (1972), translator/interpreter
Yoga training at YOGA AKADEMIE EMSLAND (2018-2020, RYS 500)
I happily teach everything that yoga has given me during 15 years of personal practice.
Each hour allows me to deepen my knowledge and strengthen the bonds between people within my classes.
An atmosphere of humour, trust, openness and discovery is of paramount importance to me.
Within the UEY, I want to continue building bridges between nations, practices, cultures and philosophies.

IRELAND              IYA Irish Yoga Association

Delegate: Miriam Brady

1988 – I graduated in yoga from the Irish Yoga Association (IYA) in Dublin, Ireland and since then have taught a number of weekly classes.
1999 – I was invited to teach on the IYA teacher training courses and am one of the lead teachers on the Dublin course.
Having served on the UEY Board, I currently represent my federation on the UEY Education Team in the English group. Personal goal for the UEY: I see the UEY as a lighthouse for the essence of yoga, its beliefs and traditions. Ireland is on the western periphery of Europe, so contact and relationships with like-minded people is invaluable to me and my Federation, both for my growth and that of the IYA – Ireland.




ITALY       FIY Federazione Italiana Yoga

Delegate: Arianna Casadei

Arianna is a physical education teacher living and working in Ravenna (Italy). A yoga practitioner since 2005 and qualified as a yoga teacher with the Italian Yoga Federation (FIY) in Rome (ISFIY 2009-2013), she continued her training in Yoga Wellness (2016-2017) and Yoga of Education (2019-2021) with Sarva Yoga International. After specialising in prenatal and postnatal yoga, Arianna co-founded the “Spazio Nascita” project with a perinatal psychologist, a pathway of accompaniment from pregnancy to the child’s 3rd birthday. Currently, Arianna is taking an online yoga philosophy course with SarvaYoga University.
I am registered in the FIY register of yoga teachers and I am associated with AssoYoga Italia. Founder of the wellness studio “Bindu”, dedicated to the transmission of the traditional teaching of hatha yoga. Arianna is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Italian Yoga Federation.


ITALY          FMY Federazione Mediterranea Yoga

Delegate: Wanda Vanni

Wanda Vanni began her journey into Yoga in 1965. She attended the first ISFIY organised by FIY and became a teacher. She followed the teachings of great masters such as: Swami Satchidananda, Sri Chidananda, Swami Satyananda of Monghir, T.K.V. Desiikachar, Dr. Bole, Dr. Garote, Swami Yogasvarupananda, Yogacharya Janakiraman of Bangalore. She went to India to meet Vimala Thakar, whose teachings had a profound effect on her life and research. She also follows the message of Gérard Blitz, Antonio Nuzzo, André and Willy Van Lysebeth.
Wanda is an FIY yoga teacher; since 1977 she has taught in the training schools of Milan, Padua, Rome and Catania. She has been a member of the Board of Directors and the Pedagogical Committee of FIY for over 10 years.
She founded the Mediterranean Yoga Federation in December 2000, a member of the European Yoga Union and sponsored by the Department of Human Sciences of the University of Catania, of which she is President and member of the Federal Pedagogical Commission.
She teaches in Catania, Paris, at the Van Lysebeth Training School and in Milan at the AFY “Tradition André Van Lysebeth” and conducts yoga seminars in Italy and abroad.


The NETHERLANDS       VYN Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland

Ann Bjorndall

I am originally Danish by birth but have live most of my life in the Netherlands I gradutaed from the Sswitha voor Yoga % Wijsbegeert in the Netherlands mo30 years ago, and have been teaching yoga both groups and individually ever since. I have my yoga studio in my house and teach 3 nights a week. I also give workshops on themes such as Yoga and Ayurveda from time to time. I have been part of the board of the VYN for the past 4 years and I am at present holding the position of chairman(president) of the VYN.
Whilst studying at the Radboud University, religious Studies, I travelled to India several times to study and to do field research, during those stays I managed to follow yoga classes and visited several ashrams. As I have lives in 6 different countries I strongly favor working together and exchange views on an international level, so being part of the EYU is only natural. Contact information: [email protected] or [email protected]



The NETHERLANDS        SYV  Associated Org: Stichting Yoga & Vedanta

Represented by: Gert-Jan Overdijkink





PORTUGAL         FPY Portuguese Yoga Federation

Delegate: Cristina Ferreira





ROMANIA     GNSPY Groupe National d’Etude et de Pratique du Yoga (GNSPY)

Delegate: Dan Sion





SLOVAKIA     SAJ Slovenska Asciacia Jogy

Delegate: Karin Svitak





SPAIN        AEPY Associacion Espanola de Practicantes de Yoga

Delegate: Ana Perez Soler 







SPAIN       YSadhana Federación Nacional de Yoga Sadhana

Delegate: Mitsuko Moser

SWITZERLAND         SYV Schweizer Yogaverband

Delegate: Roland Haag

Roland Haag, an economist, has been practising Hatha Yoga since 1989. He has a diploma in yoga teaching from the Swiss Yoga Association and holds a federal teaching certificate in adult and continuing education.
In 2008, Roland was elected President of the Swiss Yoga Association. He was elected treasurer from 2014 to 2020 on the Board of the European Yoga Union.
For Roland, the UEY is an important international yoga body, which should serve as an anchor to safeguard the eternal message of yoga in this century and through its annual congress in Zinal, provide a platform for serious yoga practitioners from all over the world to regularly celebrate the powerful tradition of yoga.


SWITZERLAND    YCH Yoga Schweiz Suisse Svizzera

Delegate: Isabelle Daulte

Isabelle Daulte is a qualified yoga teacher, EUY and Yoga CH. Expert in yoga teacher examinations.
Specialist in Japan (language, culture, religion) University of Geneva and University of Tokyo.
Psycho-spiritual coach (Thierry Janssen’s School of the Right Posture) and lecturer. Translator.



UKRAINIA    UFY Ukrainian Federation of Yoga

Delegate: Dmitry Danilov