EUY Delegates

Delegates represent their member organisation at the General Assemblies and participate in the Organisational teams.


Federation: Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Österreich BYO

Delegate: Anna-Lena Burtscher


Federation: Association Belge des Enseignants et des Pratiquants de Yoga ABEPY

Delegate: Huguette Declercq


Federation: Fédération Belge d’Hébertisme et de Yoga FBHY

Delegate: Marie Françoise Lepape

About ten years ago, as a physical education teacher, I was seduced by Iyengar yoga both in her physical approach and her philosophy of life. In 2010, I became a yoga teacher after 4 years of training at Frans Moors school. At the same time as my job as an educational consultant in physical education at the University of Liège, I am always discovering other types of yoga: Kashmir yoga, Tibetan yoga … I teach currently 3 times a week in my commune as well as occasionally to jobseekers. For the last 2 years I am a director at the FBHY (Belgian Federation of Hebertism and Yoga) and currently, I am a delegate of the FBHY at the UEY. I wanted to invest myself to be the link between the Belgian Francophone Federation of Yoga and the UEY. I also wanted to know more about the European authorities (management, modes of operation). I am interested in meeting people from all walks of life, specialists in different yoga, (including my participation in the annual course Zinal) to perfect my knowledge and so, pass on to other administrators and professors of the Belgian Federation of Yoga.


Federation: Yoga Federatie van de Nederlandstaligen in België YFNB

Delegate: Herman Seymus


Federation: Yoga Federation of Finland SUOMEN JOOGALIITTO ry SJL

Delegate: Marjaana Lovén


Federation: Fédération Inter-enseignements de Hatha Yoga FIDHY

Delegate: Catherine Laugée

Trained as a yoga teacher at Institut Eva Ruchpaul IER 1994 and CEFYTO 2015. Practised Iyengar with Monica Bertaud 2003-2009. Since 2011, practices with Walter Thirak Ruta. President of FIDHY France 2013-2016.


Federation: Institut Francais De Yoga IFY

Delegate: Maude Leynaud


Provisional Member: Federation Viniyoga Internationale France FVI France

Delegate: Marie Francoeur


Federation: FYT France

Delegate: André Riehl

Practices Yoga since since the age of 11
By the age of 24, he first stayed in a monastery in the Himalayas, before wandering along the roads of India, meeting many traditional masters with whom he sometimes stayed, studying very specific teachings from classical as well as tantric yoga practices. After some searching years, meeting Kashmiri Babu, a wandering ascetic from the Shaïva tradition, he undergone a deep study retreat into the spiritual quest.

Also very touched by his meetings with J.Krishnamurti and Sri Ananda Mayee Ma, he studied two other important aspects of the inner path, related to these two great instructors: discrimination and relationship.

It is the final encounter with Chandra Swami, an ascetic from the Brahmanic lineage of the Udasins, which will give a full sense to all the teachings studied before.

Back to France, he studied several years the art of teaching Yoga through the points of view of four different schools: Swami Shivananda, Lucien Ferrer (Yoga of Energy), Nil Haoutoff and Sri T.K.V. Desikachar before becoming himself a teacher.

Author of « Le Prince des Forêts », a French adaptation of the Râmayâna, of two video cassettes on “Yoga Traditionnel ” and two CD’s of Sanskrit chantings « Mantra Sadhana » and « Vâkya », he also translated 8 books on the inner quest.
Nominated President of the French Fédération des Yoga Traditionnels in 1992, he opened seven Yoga Training Schools (Toulouse, Paris, Bretagne, Bourgogne, Le Mans, Suisse and Luxemburg).

He is currently in charge of Somapa, a yoga study centre in south of France, Prana Bindu, a yoga retreat centre for long time study sessions in Ujjain – Madhya Pradesh (central India), and 7 nidrâ yoga training schools in Luxemburg- Germany, Holland, Finland, Morocco, Switzerland, Romania and France .

Near to those activities, he participates in the creation of two important international alternative fairs in Paris, Vivre et Travailler Autrement (Fair of Social Alternatives and Solidarities), and Santé Autrement (Fair of Natural Medical Practices and Traditional Healings) as the “Quality Manager” for ten years.

Having written many articles for yoga magazines, invited to radio and television programs, as well as national and international cultural meetings.

Willing to participate in the transmission of the ancestral yogic tradition, he teaches authentic yoga practices where old classic knowledge meets contemporary human discoveries, through a whole system of classes, seminars, training programs, retreats and studying trips in traditional places of India.

In this direction, the teachings are a vast complex of different practices helping to build a holistic mind including all aspects of our life and our identity: bodywork and energetical dynamism, development of conscious and natural breathings, study of the different relaxation levels and dream consciousness, intuition awakening and development of concentration degrees, mastered widening of the senses, Sanskrit chanting and inner silences, study of traditional yoga scriptures.

For the last 15 years, André has been spreading the teaching across Europe, Middle East, South America, North Africa and Far East
Currently in charge of 2 international Yoga Retreats Prana Bindu in Ujjain (India) and Somapa in Avignon (France), he his leading retreats in several countries and teaching programs for several institutions and Universities

More actual presentation (2017)

– Disciple of Chandra Swami Udddasin from Dehra Dun
– President of FYT (Fédération des Yoga Traditionnels), ex administrator of FIDHY. (Federation inter Tradition de Hatha Yoga)
– Certified Yoga Teacher from FNEY Fédération Nationale des Enseignants de Yoga– France
– Honorable Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga Suisse – Switzerland
– Nidrâ Yoga Teacher Trainer for Yoga Suisse recognized by European Yoga Union
– In charge of the training for the International Yoga School Prana Bindu – Ujjain- India.
– Founder of the study & retreat center Somapa – Avignon -France
– Translator and author of videos and CDs of sanskrit chanting, novels and advanced yoga practices
– Founder of an international network for the Teachings and spreading of Nidrâ yoga (Germany, Croatia, Spain, Finland, France, India, Italy, Iran, Japan, Luxembourg, Marocco, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Tunisia, Serbia, Switzerland)
– Professor of Nidrâ Yoga at the Universities of Poona, Ujjain, Jabalpur, Mumbai-India
– Creator of an international internet teaching network
– Member of the Advisory Board of Ujjain Yoga Life Society – India
– Member of World Parliament for Spirituality – Hyderabad – India
– Invited guest at S-Vyasa Yoga University – Bangalore – India
– Official recognition from the Government of India through the Ministry d-ONER and IECSME for the transmission of nidrâ Yoga
– European guests organizer for the 2016 Kumbha Mela for UYLS – Ujjain
– Founder of the China Nidrâ Network ( Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu)
– Director of the Nidrâ Yoga International network.


Federation: Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland BDY

Delegate: Susanne Bohrmann-Fortuzzi


Federation: Irish Yoga Association IYA

Delegate: Miriam Brady

1988 – I qualified as a yoga teacher with the Irish Yoga Association (IYA) in Dublin, Ireland and since then I have
been teaching a number of weekly classes.

1999 – I was invited to tutor on the IYA Teacher Training Courses and I am one of the senior tutors with the Dublin

Having served on the EUY Board I am currently representing my federation on the EUY Education Team as part of
English Skype Team. I also work on a Skype translation team.

Personal aim for the EUY: I see the EUY as a beacon upholding the essence of yoga, its beliefs and traditions.

Ireland is on the western outskirts of Europe, so for me and my Federation the contact and connections with like-minded people is invaluable for both my growth and that of IYA – Ireland.


Federation: Federazione Italiana Yoga FIY

Delegate: Antonietta Rozzi


Federation: Federazione Mediterranea Yoga FMY

Delegate: Wanda Vanni


Federation: Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland VYN

Delegate: Anne Bjorndal

I am originally Danish by birth but have live most of my life in the Netherlands I gradutaed from the Sswitha voor Yoga % Wijsbegeert in the Netherlands mo30 years ago, and have been teaching yoga both groups and individually ever since. I have my yoga studio in my house and teach 3 nights a week. I also give workshops on themes such as Yoga and Ayurveda from time to time. I have been part of the board of the VYN for the past 4 years and I am at present holding the position of chairman(president) of the VYN.
Whilst studying at the Radboud University, religious Studies, I travelled to India several times to study and to do field research, during those stays I managed to follow yoga classes and visited several ashrams. As I have lives in 6 different countries I strongly favor working together and exchange views on an international level, so being part of the EYU is only natural. Contact information: [email protected] or [email protected]


Associated Org: Stichting Yoga & Vedanta SYV

Delegate: Gert-Jan Overdijkink


Federation: Portuguese Yoga Federation FPY

Delegate: Joana Oliveira

Joana Oliveira is 36 years old and is Yoga teacher for children, adults and pregnant women, since 2007, formed by the Portuguese Federation of Yoga (Trainning Courses of Yoga Instructor and Yoga Teacher), by Birthlight Trust, in partnership with the FPY (Trainning Course of Yoga Pre and Post-Natal) and RYE – Research sur le Yoga dans l’eduction (Technical Course of Yoga and Relaxation in Education). Since 2012, she ministers also Yoga with Sound classes, in partnership with Ricardo Branco, under the Planeta Azul Project. She attends since 2011, seminars with the teacher and yogi Walter Ruta. Joana is currently President of FPY, after a term as First Secretary in the previous direction. She was, during five years, responsible for coordinating the Yoga Trainning Course of the FPY. She is currently professor of Ethics, Education and Didactics of Yoga, History of Hindu Philosophy and Sacred Texts in Trainning Course of Yoga of the FPY. She is also one of the teachers of the Specialization Course in Yoga for Children of the FPY. She was part of the entourage of FPY at the European Yoga Congress of the EUY, in Zinal, in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Joana is, since 2015 delegate of FPY in EUY, where she takes part of the Communication and Admission Team.
The EUY is the possibility of being in contact with the European yogic universe, facilitating the exchange of experiences, knowledge and resources. By sharing, we can all improve our work in the service of Yoga! We see the EUY also as an important contribution to the practice of Yoga in a safe and responsible manner, according to the yogic tradition.


Federation: Groupe National d’Etude et de Pratique du Yoga GNSPY

Delegate: Mihai Ganj


Provisional Member: Yoga Scotland YS

Delegate: Cathy Swan

Cathy Swan has been teaching yoga for 35 years and has been a Tutor on the Yoga Scotland Teacher Training Course for the past 20 years.

Slovak Republic

Federation: Slovenska Asciacia Jogy SAJ

Delegate: Karin Svitak


Federation: Associacion Espanola de Practicantes de Yoga AEPY

Delegate: Marta Estrada Sierra

By means of different life experiences I started to take up Yoga classes and I discovered holistic therapy while living in England. Later on, when I returned to Spain in 2013, I continued taking Yoga classes with Conchita Morera, a TeachersTrainer of AEPY, and direct disciple of Nil Hahoutoff and Patrick Tomatis.
In 2014, I began to study both Yoga teacher and ‘Vyniasas & Cakras’ Master under the teachings of Conchita M., who delivers Râja Yoga and Jñana Yoga.
I am currently halfway through of my Yoga teachers degree while taking a ‘Yoga sutras of Patañjali’ Master. At the same time, I am the Boards of Directors Secretary of AEPY and EUY delegate.
My aim as delegate is to help preserve the essence of traditional Yoga and spread it, by working hand-in-hand with both yoga practitioners and yoga teachers from all over Europe. Marta is part of the Meeting Team.


Federation: Federación Nacional de Yoga Sadhana YSadhana

Delegate: Maria Cerdan Belda


Federation: Schweizer Yogaverband SYV

Delegate: Roland Haag

Roland Haag, economist, practices Hatha-Yoga since 1989. He graduated as a yoga teacher from the Swiss Yoga Association and holds the Certificate as a Teacher in Adult and Continuing Education by the Swiss Confederation. In the year 2008 Roland was elected President of the Swiss Yoga Association. In 2014 he was elected as Treasurer to the board of the European Union of Yoga. For Roland the EUY is an important International Yoga body, that should act as an anchor to safeguard the eternal message of Yoga in this millennium and through its yearly held congress in Zinal, offering a platform to serious Yoga practitioners around the world, to gather and celebrate regularly the powerful Tradition of Yoga. [email protected]


Federation: Yoga Schweiz Suisse Svizzera YCH

Delegate: Gerda Imhof


Federation: Ukrainian Federation of Yoga UFY

Delegate: Andrey Safronov