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Yoga Sadhana Spain.

About the Federación Nacional de Yoga Sadhana

38 years of teaching.
In 1974 we were born and settled down, in 1976 we registered our asociation and we started training teachers in 1980. Thirty eight years of experience in yoga teacher training have enabled us to create a training model based on traditional yoga teaching, which has been enriched using more contemporary methods related to new advances in medicine, psychology or psychotherapy. We endeavour to develop yoga following the principles of respect, evolution and tolerance towards whatever personal practice, whether it is based on belief, religion, philosophy or science, everyone is free to choose. The vital aspect of yoga is our attitude and complete focus on everything we do, and not our beliefs.

OBJECTIVE: Human development and evolution of values such as awareness, art of living, solidarity in life and harmony between body, mind and spirit. The guiding principles of our practice are: developing conscious awareness, evolving in our hearts and learning from reality by developing our ability to be present, still, listen and focus.


Teacher Training Course

The content corresponds with the European programme and meets ministry standards for the awarding of a national certificate. The degree is recognized by the
European Union of Yoga and all the associated Federations.
Yoga foundations. Postural basics. Yoga sutras, Book 1, Patanjali A cycle of Self-regulation and compensations. Postural adjustments. Yoga sutras, Book 2, Patanjali. A cycle of Organic breath, pranayama and energy physiology. Postural sensitivity. Yoga sutras, Book 3, Patanjali A cycle of Classical
yoga and the keys to our energy. Awareness of postural integration. Yoga sutras, Book 4, Patanjali Each cycle entails postural analysis, anatomy and psycho-anatomy.

Our Yoga Teacher Training lasts four years and is distributed as follows:
* Nine workshops a year (to complete a cycle), once a month from October to June. The workshops are at weekends from Friday to Sunday.
* An annual summer four-day-long intensive in July. Compulsory to attend once during the four-year-training course.
* An annual Vipassana meditation retreat. Compulsory to attend once during the four-year-training course or the year after the training has finished.

. 36 Workshops (20 hrs. each workshop ) in 4 years: 720 hrs.
. 1 Four-day-long summer intensive: 32 hrs.
. 1 Vipassana meditation retreat: 32 hrs.
. 36 Tutorials x 2h: 72 hrs.
. One to one feedback: 8 hrs.
. Total of teaching hours in 4 years: 864 hrs.

TEACHER TRAINERS: Carlos Fiel, Juan Carlos Márquez, Carmela Valero, Riccardo Ruggeri, Fabio Filippi
TEACHERS: Ricardo Sánchez, Manuela Cobos, Francoise Oberer, Rocio López
MENTORS: Jorge Santos, Maria Riera, Nagore Horna, Lola Ramos, Raúl Moreno, Pepa Suárez, Espe Lozano, Manuela Román, Marina Márquez, Vicky Ferraz, Ana Toledano,
Maite Cabrero Valles.
ORGANIZATION: Ricardo Sanchez, Riccardo Ruggeri, Rocio Lopez Sanchez


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