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Fédération Inter-enseignements de Hatha Yoga

FIDHY 322, Rue Saint Honoré Tel:0033/1 42 60 32 10
Email:[email protected]

Delegate: Catherine Laugée

About the Fédération Inter-enseignements de Hatha Yoga

FIDHY – Federation Inter enseignements de Hatha Yoga – is an association of yoga teachers and schools. It is open to various yoga traditions and their ancrage in the West. It unites yoga centers, teachers and their students and anyone practicing yoga interested in openness and research on Hatha Yoga.
Yoga was introduced in France in the 50’s by pioneers such as Keirnetz and Eva Ruchpaul, André Van Lysebeth, Lucien Ferrer, Roger Clerc. They developed their own teaching methods and trained mary people in the art of Hatha Yoga, who, in turn, wished to pass on their knowledge. Yoga teacher training schools appeared all across the country. Yoga is originally from India and draws its roots from many ancient traditions. Yoga federations started to appear to bring together all the various cultures and inform people about yoga. With the teaching of yoga becoming a profession, a serious structure was needed to ensure standards and quality of the art was sustained.
In June 1980, a small group of graduates from the Eva Ruchpaul Institute, decided to create the Fidhy (initially named International Federation of Hatha Yoga). In June 1996, the Fidhy was voted a national federation and in March 1998, joined the European Union of Yoga. The federation changed its name to Federation Inter-enseignements De Hatha Yoga, intended as a dynamic structure for yoga professionals and enthusiasts to share ideas, research and their love of the art. The list of elected FIDHY presidents is as follows : René Artaud, Christiane Sarrabezolles, Sylvia Ceccomori, Arié Rubin, Elisabeth Cuvillier, Claire Bornstain, Evelyne Sanier-Torre, Nicole Martin, Muriel Lagarde-Maisl, Daniele Laffond, Catherine Laugée, Virginie Zajac. Since its beginnings, the Fidhy has always tried to be a link between India and the West. Some teachers were taught by Indian yogi, others by Western professionals.

Teacher Training Course

Various activities are organised by the FIDHY to stimulate communication, experimentation and reflection between teachers of different backgrounds : seminars, all-day meetings, conferences, congress.

Yoga Schools

CEFYTO Centre Etude et Formation en Yoga Traditionnel – Noëlle Milliat
EYE Ecole de Yoga d’Evian – Philippe Liatard
EYVL Ecole de Yoga van Lysebeth – Marie-Rose Bardy
Scuola Yoga Pramiti – Walter Thirak Ruta
U&H Ecole de Yoga de l’Energie Unité et Harmonie – Giorgio Cammarata
Baba School – Philippe Djoharikian
Anubhava Yoga – Danièle Laffond
EMY Ecole Méditerranéenne de Yoga – Driss Benzouine
Agama 10/2019 – Yotham Baranes
Centre de Yoga Satyananda Aube – Swami Brahmatattwa