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Schweizer Yogaverband / Swiss Yoga Association

SYV, Swiss Yoga Association / Schweizer Yogaverband, Postfach 37, Rue Neuve 1, CH-2613 Villeret, Switzerland. Tel. 0041 32 941 50 40 Email: [email protected]

Delegate: Roland Haag

About the Swiss Yoga Association

The Swiss Yoga Association exists since 1995 and counts at this time 650 Yoga teachers. Besides the 4 year teacher training courses, we offer Yoga therapy training courses that take several years. Throughout the whole year we also offer a vast continuous education program and seminars for Yoga teachers and others: “Lehrgang Yogatherapie” (TTC Yoga therapy) and “Seminare / Weiterbildung” (continuous education/seminars). Every 2-3 years we organize an international Yoga congress and twice a year we publish our Yoga Journal

Teacher Training Course

The teacher training courses start every year in October at the Yoga University in Villeret, near Biel/Bienne, Switzerland and are taught in the German language. These training courses with a total of 1224 teaching hours take 4 years time.


Yoga Schools

Yoga University Villeret, Postfach 37, Rue Neuve 1, CH-2613 Villeret, Switzerland, Tel. 0041 32 941 50 40
Email: [email protected]