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Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland

Roderweg 7
9321 AA Peize
E-mail: [email protected]

About the Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland

The Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland (VYN) was established on March 23th 1978 as a professional association for yoga teachers. Its main goal is to maintain the quality of yoga lessons, yoga teacher training en additional training in the Netherlands. The VYN serves the interests of its members. The total number of members is around 1200.

Members work according to our Code of Conduct.

Teacher Training Course

Eight Yoga Teacher Training Schools are member of the VYN. The teachers with certificates from these schools can become members of VYN as well. VYN members can offer further training to each other and non-members. VYN members will receive further training points per training. Non members will not. An overview of further training modules offered by our members can be found on our website:


Each year we organize a conference for members and non-members. Members receive further training points when they attend the conference. The conference is always held in May.