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Yoga Federation of Finland SUOMEN JOOGALIITTO ry

President: Minna Lahdenperä
Suomen Joogaliitto, Suomen Joogaopisto
Taipaleentie 122, 43100, SAARIJÄRVi
puh. (014) 421 670
[email protected]

About the Yoga Federation of Finland SUOMEN JOOGALIITTO ry

The Yoga Federation of Finland teaches yoga as a method of self-care and self-education based on focused exercises, conscious relaxation, natural breathing and experience of internal silence. The aim is to promote the overall health and mental growth of yoga practitioners.‎ Regular yoga practice, together with a healthy lifestyle, promotes the adoption of positive attitudes to life, deepens mental awareness and improves overall health. The Federation is not affiliated with any single direction or tradition of yogaThe teaching combines hatha yoga and raja yoga on a wide scale.‎ In accordance with the yoga tradition, everyone addresses questions of life on the basis of their own religion and culture. Yoga taught by the Federation is suitable for those from all faiths and religions. The Federation is religiously and also politically independent.‎ 

‎Founded in 1967, the Yoga Federation of Finland consists of 26 registered member associations and approximately 2400 direct members. The Federation’s activities are based on volunteering‎.


Delegate: Marjaana Lovén