Letting go in the practice of yoga

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Letting go in the practice of yoga

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Guest Speaker: Conchita Morera

Language: Français

Type: Pratique

Country: Spain

Federation: AEPY

This topic is related to letting go in the practice of āsana and prānāyāma, such an important element in finding a balance between effort and relaxation. There will be a theoretical introduction and then a practical part to experience this ‘effortless’ practice that allows us to avoid both physical and mental tension and the injuries that can result from it, thus creating a state of calm that is essential to the work we wish to do.

Teacher Bio: Conchita Morera has been teaching yoga since 1983 in the tradition of Nil Hahoutoff with whom she began her yoga practice. She has been studying with Patrick Tomatis since 1997. She is a trainer and president of the Pedagogical Committee of the AEPY (Spain). She has studied theology and classical Sanskrit and is an expert in the languages of India and Iran. She has researched classical texts such as the Yogasūtra and Bhagavadgītā and the Upaniṣad and has done translations from Sanskrit and French into Spanish: e.g. Sādhanapāda and the French Journal of Yoga, of which she has been the translator for years. She has also worked for a long time on the comparative study of religions.


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2023-02-11 @ 18:00 to

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