Dmitry Danilov – UYF

Workshop in English
Dmitry Danilov, Ph.D.

Yogic meditation: change in time from Vedas to Tantras.

The class will deal with the history of yogic type of meditation – dhyāna. Dmitry will share results of his doctoral research and will show how it was changing in time from vedic texts to medieval haṭha yoga. We will learn the steps of transformation of different meanings that dhyāna had in its history. That will help us to understand the difference between modern views on meditation and its roots.

Dmitry Danilov is a senior teacher of Ukrainian Federation of Yoga. In 2019 he defended his doctoral thesis on «The transformation of the concept of dhyāna in the teaching of yoga». Dmitry is a founder of international educational projects such as YogaTravel, Yogis Without Borders and YogaScience that specialize on teaching and popularising different aspects of yogic tradition.