Denis Perret – FVI

French workshop
Workshop of practice and theory

Simultaneous availability of one’s everyday personality and one’s awake part
On the theoretical basis of the first two aphorisms of the 2nd chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra presenting the kriya yoga, an asana – pranayama – concentration – meditation practice will be proposed to live the proposed theme.
More than ever, yoga invites us to accompany (and sometimes transmute) the vulnerabilities of our personalities by personalities by the setting in relation of our awakened part (buddhi-purusha). To act on oneself is to contribute to act on humanity.

In 1994 Denis PERRET started teaching yoga in the Viniyoga tradition while working in industry in Grenoble in the industry in Grenoble (France).
In 2000 he devoted his professional activity entirely to yoga.
He teaches in particular to children and young people, during eight years.
In 2004 he started to train as a Yoga Teacher Trainer.
In 2013 he took the responsibility of the Viniyoga Dauphiné Savoie School to train teachers teachers and also to offer post-training.
In parallel he offers individual follow-up of daily practice (yoga, including meditation) and of the path of life.
Yoga-therapist he also proposes individual follow-ups intended to allow the practitioner to to contribute to the improvement of his health.