Emmanuelle Oliviero – FIDHY

French – English workshop
I am pleased to participate in this celebration of the 50th anniversary of the EUY that I warmly thank for inviting me.

All life is Yoga said Aurobindo.
Even if for him the body is secondary to the Spirit, my contribution will be a session of Hatha Yoga that will blend strength and flexibility from a bodily but also mental point of view by considering the energetic relationships that go through us and that we have the ability to modulate to free ourselves from our emotions and limitations from our beliefs. The mobilized energy will be activated on several levels and we will live individually and together a moment of joy and encounter with ourselves.
We will play on the modulation of the rhythm because energy is one in my opinion.
Come happy, without expectation and with an empty stomach !
I wish us love and unity.
See you soon.
Emmanuelle Oliviero was introduced to the world of yoga by her mother and at the Beau Soleil centre of S. Chauvel in Dordogne. Marc Alain Descamps gave her in-depth teachings and training from a young age. In her twenties, passionate about naturopathy and macrobiotics, she turned to the teachings of Sri Bajan’s Kundalini Yoga, then to the Yoga of Energy and then to various schools during courses, seminars and meetings. She studied Fine Arts, travelled, validated two masters in political sociology and urban anthropology and worked on the modelling of public health networks for institutional bodies.
In 2000, she met Ajit, Ranajit and Selvi Sarkar from Puducherry and received a new training in what was still their Indian cultural centre in Paris: Soleil d’Or. She taught there while attending the Sorbonne in philosophy. She joined the perinatal health network of the Paris Sud hospitals thanks to the pre- and post-natal yoga she offered at the Institut Mutualiste de Montsouris.
Her path in yoga is in line with her personal commitments and aspirations: simplicity, peace of heart and the joy of living whatever happens.