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Workshop in French
Hatha Yoga well tempered

Eva Ruchpaul is one of the first women yogis in Europe.
Born in 1928 in Béziers, Eva Ruchpaul suffered from poliomyelitis at the age of 18 months and very early on sought to rehabilitate herself, finding in hatha yoga a source of restorative energy. Deepening the theory with her father, a qualified philosopher, and then with her husband, a Brahmin, she continues to this day her research on the technique and never ceases to discover the potential revealed by this science of yoga explored for thousands of years by Indian yogis.
Through her books published since the 1960s, and through the appeal of her personality, intelligence and pedagogy, she has greatly contributed to the discovery and appreciation of hatha yoga. Her writings and lectures highlight her astonishing intuition to reveal the content of Indian thought in a language accessible to Westerners, which did not prevent her from nurturing a connivance with European humanist philosophy, that of Montaigne in particular. Her curiosity and appetite for discovery have led her to keep constantly informed of contemporary scientific discoveries, particularly those concerning the functioning of the brain.
From 1969 to the present day, television programmes and numerous press articles have taken an interest in this extraordinary personality, while medical research has corroborated the physiological and psychological benefits revealed by her teaching of hatha yoga.
In 1971, she created a professional training centre, the Eva Ruchpaul Institute – a free institution of higher education – where she continues to transmit her pedagogy to future teachers who follow a three-year training course. She is the Honorary President of the Institute.
For 47 years, hundreds of teachers have graduated from the Institute and are now working in all regions of France and abroad.
Around her, the teachers of the Institute also teach in the numerous weekly classes for the general public, this hatha-yoga to which she gave the name of “well-tempered”, which brings the necessary balance and endurance to face the commitments of today’s men and women.