Iia Lappalainen – YFF

Workshop in English
During this session, we will calm our mind, let it become clear, concentrated on the calmness that we have deep in our heart. We will start by letting the asana, done in our own rhythm of breath, take away the stiffness and tensions of our body. We will use the krama, pauses in between the breath to let the exhale become smoother and longer, with relaxed exhale we calm the breath.
Then on pranayama we will focus on Nadi Sodhana, to clean the pathways for prana and balance the flow of breath.
At the end of the practice, we will concentrate on feeling the calmness and peace in our heart, letting the mind calm down, and if we are lucky, we arrive in the state of meditation.

Yoga has been my way of life for over 25 years. I started yoga while living in Paris in the early 90s. I had already been leading various yoga and relaxation groups for several years. After my first yoga classes, I felt that yoga combined everything I had learned before, but at the same time, it was something else, something deeper. I surrendered to the world of yoga. I am a physiotherapist, therapist and yoga teacher. At the Finnish Yoga Federation, I train future yoga teachers and supervise continuing education.