Jutta Bachmeier-Mönnig – BDY

German – English workshop
Prānāyāma – And how do I smooth the path of my breath to silent happiness?
Yoga is a holistic system for creating and maintaining balance and harmony on all levels of our being. A harmonious state is often described as a feeling of peace and harmony and sensations close to deep happiness. When our body is strengthened and vitalised through the practice of āsana, it is well prepared for prānāyāma. This helps us to reach more subtle layers within ourselves. By being connected and being able to stay in these experiences, a seed is sown for more and wider experiences and transformations on psychosocial and spiritual levels. In this workshop I want to help you develop the breath, experience and stay in the silence through fine breathing and prānāyāma practice. Inner power, deep confidence and permanent happiness.

I attended a Rudolf-Steiner school in Stuttgart and was deeply influenced by this type of education. I first trained and worked as a chemical technician at the government food control in Stuttgart. I have been practising yoga continuously since the late 1980s. The yoga teacher training followed from 1993 to 1996 at the BDY/UEY-Yogaschule Braunschweig. Until 2020 I was the director of the BDY/UEY-Yogaschule Braunschweig together with Bernd Bachmeier. My main responsibilities were teaching and organisation. During this time I took part in many further trainings, including āsana, philosophy, teaching methods, and especially prānāyāma. My own way of practicing, understanding and teaching yoga is very much influenced by Dr Shrikrishna. From 2006 to 2008, I was called to the board of BDY. My area of responsibility included the professional training of yoga teachers and their continuing education. Here I also worked closely with the UEY, also in Zinal. I taught individual and group classes, training and further education of yoga teachers (main topics were prānāyāma, yoga āsana practice, Ayurveda), moderation. I have also guided yoga courses to and in India, and handle various cases for BDY.