Laura La Rosa – FIY

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Laura La Rosa is a Yoga teacher and President of ASD Centro Yoga Purnima.
She graduated with honours in Classical Literature, graduated and qualified to teach Yoga by the Italian Yoga Federation (FIY), enrolled in the national teachers’ roll of the FIY, member of the FIY Board of Directors, regional representative for Sicily of the Italian Yoga Federation.
She has been practising Yoga for more than twenty years.
Two-year Master’s degree in “Operatore Yoga nella Scuola”, sponsored by YogaEducational, Unicef and Università agli Studi di Bologna.
Two-year Master’s Degree in “YogaWellness and YogaTherapy Operator”, sponsored by the University of Parma.
Pupil of Domenico Puleo, Eros Selvanizza, president of FIY and Antonietta Rozzi, president of Sarva Yoga International.
Since 2003, she has assiduously attended the national congresses of the Italian Yoga Federation, valid as a continuous update to the Teachers’ Register, and Yoga seminars at national and international level.