Mihai Laurentiu Ganj – GNEPY

Workshop in English
Coincidence or not, half century ago, more precisely on the 1st December 1971, the seed of our present organization was planted when Yogacharya Mario Sorin Vasilescu began to teach his first Hatha-Yoga course. After a few years (’73-’76), during his visits in Eastern Europe, Aviyogi Surenji Goyal recognized the Romanian efforts as an authentic Yoga school. Later on, after years of practice and also scientific research, the recognition of the Romanian school of Yoga founded by Mario Sorin Vasilescu came also from the Romanian scientific community (1981) – somehow against the “vision” of the communist rulers.
After just a few months, Yoga became a “forbidden practice” in Romania. There were hard times during the interdiction ’82-’89, but in the same time the quality and efficiency of a real practice was tested and proven. The group of practitioners around Yogacharya Mario Sorin Vasilescu was reborn after ’90’s major changes and since then we have kept growing, outside and inside, joining EUY in ’91 and becoming full member in 1994.
The conference will present the most important moments of the Yoga development in Romania from 1971 to now and its unique forms and contributions, intertwined with the yoga development in Europe in the same lapse of time, while looking back at the immemorial origins of this human wonder which the Yoga practice is.

Mihai Laurentiu Ganj, student of Yogacharya Mario Sorin Vasilescu since 1994, Yoga Teacher since 1999 and Executive Director of GNSPY since 2015. Mihai devotes a special attention on the applications of Yoga practice in education systems, on supporting children, parents and educators to better learn and relate to each other both at school and in their day-to-day lives. He has delivered more than 30 conferences and workshops in the last 6 years on topics where Yoga intersects with learning sciences, communication, relationship development, emotional intelligence and well-being.