Magali Stobbaerts – FPY

Workshop in French
La question de la pandémie touche toutes nos peurs et particulièrement la peur de mourir. Brièvement, la peur sera abordée en psychologie et en yoga. Nous ferons l’expérience avec un exercice pratique. Ensuite nous effectuerons une série d’asana afin de lier la psychologie au yoga.

Magali Stobbaerts started yoga at the age of 11 and continued the teaching of her father, Georges Stobbaerts. In this context, she had the opportunity to meet personalities such as Taisen Deschimaru, Claude Durix, Lanza del Vasto, Srî Srî Srî Satchidananda, Tara Michaël (French indianist) among others. She is also a teacher of Aikido and Tenchi Tessen. At present, she teaches yoga by video conference and in person.
She also teaches the discipline of Psychology applied to Yoga at the Portuguese Yoga Federation and is a member of its pedagogical council.
At the same time, she is active in clinical and health psychology with the specialty of Psychotherapy.