Naomi King – YS

Workshop in German – English
Yoga and art – the figurative language
We examine the truth teachings of yoga from the perspective of Indian and Tibetan art as a pictorially depicted path of experience. Let yourself be inspired and follow the artistic representations of yoga philosophy into the practical realisation of your own experiences with yoga exercises. An exciting and creative experience and an interesting perspective that illustrates and reveals the connection between yoga and art. The language within these powerful images invites you to embark on an exciting and expressive journey – please attend.

Certified Yoga Instructor YCH/EYU & Artist
Embracing the meaning of life, self-development and delving into the truths of yoga and meditation through art are the three cornerstones of Naomi King’s work, which she strives to follow consciously in her life. Naomi King is convinced that embracing the inspiring beauty of life with open eyes and constantly following the creative path of yoga leads to greater awareness, mindfulness and a deeper understanding.