Natasja Smeets-Hendricks & Jeannette Verbooy – YFN

Workshop in Dutch – English
Short video presentation of the workshop

In turbulent times in our lives (like these corona times we are living in at the moment, but maybe also in the last 50 or 5000 years?) a daily practice of Yoga gives us stability. We invite you to explore the balance in the body’s center of gravity; our core-stability in pelvis, abdomen and lower back-region. Does this stability create an anchor for calmness and quietness in our mind?

In turbulente tijden in ons leven (zoals in deze corona-tijden waarin we nu leven, maar misschien ook wel in de laatste 50 of 5000 jaar?) geeft een dagelijkse beoefening van Yoga ons stabiliteit. We nodigen je uit om de balans in het zwaartepunt van het lichaam te verkennen; onze kern-stabiliteit in bekken, buik en onderrug. Creëert deze stabiliteit een ankerpunt voor kalmte en rust in onze gedachten?

Natasja started with her own Yoga-practice in 2007 and finished her Yoga-teachertrainer education in 2015 at the Vormingsinstituut voor Yogadocenten in Zolder (Belgium). Subsequently, her teacher internship started and currently she is responsible for the Yoga-practice component at this Institute.
Each year she takes the students ‘on a Yoga-journey’ in which she introduces her students’ bodies to the different families of âsana’s. Her classes are structured in such a way that all students can participate and progress. At the end of each schoolyear the students may end surprising themselves by managing very complicated and challenging postures. Relaxation, prânâyâma and meditation are also integrated in her classes.
In addition to practicing Yoga herself and teaching Yoga, Natasja works as a beautician, where she treats people with the same passion and humour as she does in her yoga classes. She is still learning in her field as well as in Yoga.

Jeannette worked for 25 years as a Mensendieck therapist before starting to practice yoga. Mensendieck therapy is a paramedical method of treatment that aims to alleviate and prevent disorders caused by incorrect posture or movement, whether due to abnormality or disease. In her practice of Mensendieck therapy, she used exercises and explained the functioning of the body to her patients, so that they became aware of the connection between their complaints and their posture or way of moving.
In 2003 she ‘met’ yoga and in 2011 she completed her yoga teacher training at the Vormingsinstituut voor Yogadocenten in Zolder, Belgium. Today, she is a teacher trainer at this institute and teaches anatomy and physiology, as well as being a mentor at peer review meetings. Of course, there is still much to learn and explore in the field of yoga.
At the age of 25, she started practicing different types of martial arts and continues to develop as a Tai Chi teacher and massage therapist (Ayurveda and Tuina).
Her colleagues say: “Jeannette is always in a good mood and has an enthusiastic laugh that makes you smile.

Mobility & Yoga”: Several times a year, Natasja and Jeannette combine their courses, which they call “Mobility & Yoga”. These classes consist of a cinematic part and a yoga practice part (adapted to the asana family of the respective school year), in which they convert the theoretical knowledge into practice and experience.