Romanie Graumans – VYN

English workshop
Working with energy to support the inner journey
Romanies yoga classes consist of physical, intensive, surya flows combined with pranayama and slow, gentle, chandra movements and meditation all adding up to work with energy in a way that it supports the inner journey and realization of Self. Part of the non-duality based practice is dialogue: questions and answers are welcome coming from both own practice and experience as from a teachers perspective and point of view. Students appreciate her classes because of the no-nonsense, practical approach, interaction, humor, knowledge of the physical aspects of yoga and the ability to translate spiritual concepts and theory to everyday life situations.

For over ten years Romanie has been teaching non duality based hatha yoga classes. Romanie took her intensive teacher training at Samsara in the Netherlands. Her training was followed by initiation in Kriya Yoga and numerous other programs and workshops with teachers in hatha, ashtanga and Iyengar yoga, prana yoga flow. Nowadays Romanie is Samsara’s director and one of the main teachers in the teacher training program. She is also founder of Yoia, her Schiedam based yoga studio.