Zeynep Guggenheim – SYV

Workshop in German
Experiences with inner archetypes through yoga / Erfahrungen mit inneren Archetypen durch Yoga

We all know the expressive images of the subconscious, the archetypes. They are a bridge to our inner being and therefore a useful tool for transformation. When working with archetypal symbols, the aim is always to bring the unconscious on board for personal development. C. G. Jung described the field of the unconscious as a shadow. And this is where yoga comes in. Through meditation and breath awareness, we bring light into these shadows and, with the help of archetypal images, build a bridge to our inner world. An appropriate asana practice makes the archetypes particularly easy to experience. Zeynep Guggenheim has already had the opportunity to guide participants twice through the 12 main images of the archetypes according to C. G. Jung in a seminar of the same name. G. Jung in a year-long seminar. Participants in the online seminar on 11 December can expect to get acquainted with the subject in a more theoretical part in the morning from 10 am to 12 pm and a more practical part in the afternoon from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Jeder von uns kennt die ausdrucksstarken Bilder des Unterbewusstseins, die Archetypen. They are a bridge to our inner self and therefore a useful tool for transformation. Im Vordergrund bei der Arbeit mit den Archetypischen Symbolen steht immer der Gedanke, das Unterbewusstsein bei der persönlichen Entwicklung mit an Bord zu holen. C. G. Jung describes the field of the Unbewussten as a pattern. Und hier knüpft Yoga an. Through meditation and workshops we bring light into this space and build a bridge to our inner world with the help of archetypal images. Through a careful analysis, the archetypes are easily understood. Schon 2-mal hatte Zeynep Guggenheim die Gelegenheit Teilnehmer in einem einjährigen Seminar durch alle 12 archetypischen Hauptbilder nach C. G. Jung zu führen. The participants of the Onlineseminars on 11 December will be asked to learn about the themes in a theoretical session on the morning (10 – 12 o’clock) and a practical session on the afternoon (4-6 o’clock).

Zeynep Guggenheim works as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland and has been running a yoga studio there for 10 years. She is particularly interested in yoga philosophy and meditation. She occasionally works as a guest lecturer at the official training school of the Swiss Yoga Association. Sometimes she likes to combine yoga with related topics. In 2016, she published an article on the theme of her seminar in the yoga magazine of the SYA, Swiss Yoga Association.

Zeynep Guggenheim Arbeitet als Yogalehrerin und Yogatherapeutin im Kanton Zürich in der Schweiz und führt dort seit 10 Jahren ein Yogastudio. Yoga philosophy and meditation are especially important. She also works as a teacher in the official training school of the Swiss Yoga Association. Mit Freude verknüpft sie manchmal Yoga mit verwandten Themen. Zum Thema ihres Seminars hat sie bereits 2016 einen Artikel im Yogajournal des SYV Schweizer Yogaverbandes veröffentlicht.