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Nidra Yoga Instructor Training Retreat with André RIEHL

December 1 – 30, 2020 Amorgos Island, Greece

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An exploration into the states of consciousness where space, joy, and silence find no limitations

Nidrâ Yoga (yoga of dream and conscious sleep) is rooted in the traditions of Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta, both dating back several thousand years. It presents the organization of the human being through five layers (koshas) to discover, explore, and intimately understand how to establish oneself in a state of consciousness where there exists no trace of separation, conflict, or suffering. Nidrâ Yoga is a practice towards complete lucidity, a journey from oblivion to self-presence. It is a gradual approach to awareness and to the sensation of being completely alive. Very paradoxically, this awareness can only be perceived in a deep state of surrendering. Nidrâ Yoga sadhana consists of a range of highly codified exercises into each and every function that organizes the human being. It relies on two fundamental practices: deep conscious relaxation and penetrating concentration. When both are operating together intensively, a spontaneous state of meditation arises, unveiling the mysteries of consciousness.




Les 40 ans de la FIDHY : Les 4 âges du yoga, 21-22/11/2020 à Paris France

Bulletin d’inscription aux “40 ans de la FIDHY”


Past Events


February 4 – May 26 2020 Yoga course (Košice, Slovakia) [email protected]
February 6 – May 28 2020 Gral yoga (Košice, Slovakia) [email protected]
February 6 – May 28 2020 Crown yoga (Košice, Slovakia [email protected]

April 3 – 5 2020 Warm water holotropic breathing (Eger, Hungary)
April 15 – 19 2020 Weekend course (Sliač, Slovakia)
April 25 – 26 2020 Savita Yoga (Strakonice, Czech republic)

May 7 – 10 2020 Weekend course (Hrb, Slovakia)
May 23 – 24 2020 Savita Yoga (Prague, Czech republic)
May 28-31 2020 Weekend course (Podhájska, Slovakia)

July 4 – 10 2020 Summer Course (Košická Belá, Slovakia in Hungarian)
July 18 – 26 2020 Summer course (Hrb, Slovakia)
July 25 – August 1 2020 Summer course (Žďárec u Skutče, Czech republic)

August 3 – 9 2020 Summer course (Košická Belá, Slovakia)
August 23 – 28 2020 European Yoga Congress (guest speaker Geza Timčák)

September 4 – 13 2020 Summer course (Salinera, Slovinia)

Past Events

Yoga Ayurvéda Festival 2019

4 – 6 Oct 2019
16 Rue Bois Paris à 1380 Lasne, Belgique
[email protected] ou [email protected]
+32 2 633 12 66

Past Events

VINIYOGA Fédération Internationale 16-18/10/2020 à Gretz France

Bulletin d’inscription au stage oct 2020-MMargherita- Gretz

Marina Margherita : « Parinama, Krama, Kshana »
Une réflexion sur le changement, la séquence et l’instant à l’aide de la pratique

« On ne se baigne jamais dans le même fleuve » cette phrase d’Héraclite nous rappelle le caractère changeant et impermanent de la réalité, tout comme le concept de parinâma qui revient dans les 4 chapitres du Yoga-Sutra de Patanjali . Ce mot sanskrit, qui signifie « changement, maturation, déclin » dérive du verbe parinam qui veut dire « s’incliner en avant ». Nous devons nous incliner devant le constat que tout ce qui naît est destiné à disparaitre. L’être humain a-t-il un contrôle quelconque sur le changement ? Peut-il l’orienter ?



Past Events

IYN Conference 2019

What is Yoga? Exercise? Religion? Philosophy?
Sat 12 Oct 2019, 10am – 5pm
Brockholes Nature Reserve, Preston New Rd, PR5 0AG