Geza M. Timcak – SYJ

Workshop in English
The session will show a traditional model of the origin of mantras and their typology. Then it will point out the yogic areas of use of mantras. The most frequently used mantras like the Mahamrtunjaya mantra or Agneya astra mantra and Gayatri mantra will be learned and practiced. Finally, the use of the full Gayatri mantra in Savita namaskar will be shown and practiced.

Geza M. Timcák has been teaching classic yoga since 1976 and one of its branches – Savita yoga since 1996. He teaches yoga in various European and Asian countries for people of a varied cultural background. His inspiration stems from the teaching of his Indian and Taiwanese masters and his own yoga related experience. He is also engaged in work for yoga organizations such as the Slovak Yoga Association, Savita Yoga International and the EUY. In 2021 he became the Honorary Member of the EUY.