Siddharta Krishna

The Inner Way of Yoga : In this talk Siddhartha Krishna will discuss yoga beyond asanas. While asanas are a key ingredient of a healthy yogic lifestyle, there is a lot more to be explored. Asanas prepare a human being for developing the other key aspects of yoga, such as resolution of conflict, equanimity, loving-kindness, compassion and meditation. They form a foundation of stability and stillness in which a person can achieve a state of mind unperturbed by negative or destructive emotions, such as fear. He will share his experience of living one’s life guided by the yogic principles. The environmental benefits of living a sustainable lifestyle inspired by the yogic teachings will also be explored.

Siddhartha Krishna is based in Omkarananda Ashram, Rishikesh, a holy city on the sacred bank of Mother Ganga, often referred to as “the world capital of yoga.” Siddhartha was educated at Kailas Ashram Brahma Vidya Pitha.  After studying at Kailas Ashram for twelve years, he began teaching courses in Sanskrit grammar and Indian philosophy, as well as editing Kailas ashram’s publications on Advaita Vedānta. Currently, he writes columns for Australian Yoga Life and Yoga Journal China. Individuals from all over the world attend his lectures at the Patanjala Yoga Centre and Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama Meditation Institute. These lectures spread awareness about the universal teachings of the ancient yogic masters and encourage the listeners to deepen their practices of yoga asana, self-analysis, and meditation.